“It doesn’t take a majority to win, just a tireless minority that will keep starting brush fires in the mind and hearts of their fellow men.”

Samuel Adams

Friday, August 30, 2013

The IN KIND Scam Being Placed on the Residents of Peru by Our Government

Payment in Kind

What It Is:

Payment in kind refers to the use of a good or service as payment instead of cash.

How It Works/Example:

Payment in kind may be made for an exchange of goods or services for work performed. The value of the goods or services is considered an equal exchange for the work performed.

Examples for payment in kind may be room and board in exchange for home or grounds maintenance or company stock or other securities instead of cash in a retirement plan.

A loan is referred to as "paid in kind" when a similar article is returned by the borrower.  In the case of a will, payment in kind allows the trustee to make distributions to the beneficiaries using equivalent values rather than having to sell assets to get cash.   For example, if an estate is to be divided equally among beneficiaries, the items may be distributed based their value and not their actually conversion to cash, allowing the trustee to distribute cars, houses, jewelry, and even stocks of equal worth.

Why It Matters:

Payments in kind in the place of wages are still taxable. For example, employees will have payments in kind reported on their W-2 form. If a business receives payment in kind as a payment for goods or services, it must include the fair market value of the payment in kind item.  Payments in kind to business are reported on the business's Form 1099-B, "Proceeds from Broker and Barter Exchange Transactions."

My Source is: http://www.investinganswers.com/financial-dictionary/businesses-corporations/payment-kind-632

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Concert Revenue from Kristy

Photo Gallery - Village of Villa Park Creative Citizens

Photo Gallery - Village of Villa Park

This city near Chicago has such a great and creative web site and then I found the fire hydrants and had to share with you for a much needed light hearted fun.  Enjoy them I sure did.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Welcoming Committee at City Hall

I left the meeting last night thinking it was rather boring and no one had even made a public comment and now I am finding out why.

First let me tell you that last week after the Pledge of Allegiance Mayor Harl called on Greg Vaccaro to make a comment. Now you have to know that there was nothing on the agenda regarding the BB gun club and he had not filled out his 3 x 5 card but he was allowed to comment. Why? I guess because he is the mayors friend.

Last night before the council meeting started and some of us were still in the community room a conversation was taking place in the council room that deserves some attention and briefly this is what happened. Some individuals from another Environmental company doing the same thing as TEST had decided to make the trip and present some information to our officials. I understand the mayor came to them and asked why they were at the mtg and they told him they wanted to make a few comments on the water treatment issue. He then went and got Bartley, Lukosus and Waldorf and came back to the people and they were told by Bartley doing the mayors job that they could not speak because the topic was not on the agenda.

You now see that it is fine when Mayor Harl wants his friends to speak against the council rules but when someone else wishes to speak the answer is NO. Add to this that the ladies had traveled some distance and were welcomed into Peru with rudeness by our elected city officials. Perhaps again another violation, it seems.  Peru doesn't only have one black eye, they have 2 now.

TEST Contract with Peru December 22, 2008 Fourth Rider

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Make Peru an Honest City Don't Let the Council Vote This NO BID Water Contract

Anonymous Anonymous said...
The city attorney dealt a serious blow last Monday when he told Waldoerf that he would not have time to complete a new contract by Monday thye 26th. Waldorf was attempting to rush it to a vote by Monday so that any opposition would have only a week to organize and educate the public on the situation.
In reading the "Fish Wrapper" this morning it appears that Mr. Waldorf and Mr. Lukosus have made a serious miscalculation by not confirming with Schweickert in advance that a contract could be prepared in one week.
The extra week may allow the public just enough time to let their elected officials know that this deal stinks to high heaven.
You actually have a rare opportunity here to make a difference. Do it!
10:14 AM, August 24, 2013

Public Property Meeting Monday August 26 and Council Agenda

City Council Agenda Aug. 26


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Super Majority Vote term used by City Attorney

After Ald. Waldorf gave us all the reasons why TEST is the only company able to do the work for the city and therefore we MUST "give" them the contract to continue their work, then it was the push was continued by Atty Schweikert.

And when Ald. Perez asked about bidding ANYTHING over $20,000, the city atty said not necessary if you have a super majority vote. So today everyone is asking what in the heck is a super majority vote. This only shows us that the deal is already sealed with TEST. The mayor, the city council and the atty have no desire to go out for bids for the large and long contract.
 Isn't it required by law?

I was not impressed with Ald. Waldorf or Atty Schweikert and their display of persuasive tactics attempting to convince the people they knew absolutely what they were talking about and we should not even be concerned that no bids would be sought beside that from TEST which has been already given to the city.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Have You Tried to Contact Your Aldermen Lately? And Other News

It was recently brought to my attention in the past week, that one alderman was unable to be reached, phone calls or emails unanswered.  Also emails to the mayor received no response. I thought they were called our representatives here in Peru.And just for your information, this happens to be the mission statement of our city, taken directly from their web site:

The City of Peru's mission is to provide top-quality, fiscally responsible municipal services in a manner that promotes the high standards of our City.  (please take note of the last phrase)

I guess the pickleball players are definitely feeling their oats and come to play early Sunday morning with lots of loud yelling and even profane language, all heard in the neighbors back yards and even homes. The neighbors were given the wrong information by a member of our city government and were told to circulate a petition with neighbors  because the players really wanted to play at Washington Park and not 28th Street and this was a for sure.  It turns out it was false because the players now say, if they agree to play at Washington Park, that means they don't like it at 28th street and they do like the 28th Street Park. They sure have a lot of friends down at City Hall while residents continue to have their privacy invaded. How can these people sleep at night?

Anyone notice a new fence on the west side of Baker Lake Park? And here we thought all physical changes to a park had to go through the Public Property Committee. This is Peru and it all depends upon who makes the request once again.

The ESDA building will be sold and it will become a gourmet burger place.

Alderman Decide NO to Applying for ITEP Grant

Several public comments preceded an announcement by Ald. Waldorf speaking for all of the aldermen that they would table the grant and not proceed with a vote. The public comments asked that the council not go for the grant but instead aim for a swimming pool.
The mayor later stated that he thought it was a mistake because this was an 80-20 grant, meaning we would only have to pay about 250,000, although we would have to upfront the entire amount and then be reimbursed for the 250.
On the swimming pool, the mayor would like to see it put up for a referendum to the voters and with the information that property taxes would have to be raised to maintain a swimming pool. He did mention that since the Friends of the Pool committee has now about $100,000, if they would be willing to put that into a splash pad, the city might be able to help with the additional funds needed for that structure. Granted some of that money would have to be returned to the donors as they only wished to contribute to a pool and not a splash pad.

The Public Works Committee is recommending that Test be rehired when their contract runs out. Ald. Waldorf and Ald. Lukosus made this decision. They studied some information from the Bureau of Statistics is what I think they said and then made their decision. As to the amount being over 20,000 and requiring the city to go out for bids by law, our city atty said it was not necessary if this is something like a "super vote"  So they use the 20,000 figure when they want more contractors to bid and when they don't they don't. I guess this is what we call open and honest government just like Washington DC.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Petition | City of Peru: Vote no to TRANSPORTATION ENRICHMENT PROGRAM | Change.org

Petition | City of Peru: Vote no to TRANSPORTATION ENRICHMENT PROGRAM | Change.org

The link sent this morning no longer works.  This is the site I was originally sent to but no longer can access with that link posted. I am not indorsing this project at this time but am posting it if you wish to sign the petition. I am not in favor of the bike path at this time or the swimming pool either due to the over $100,000 season upkeep on top of the initial expenditure for the pool.

Friday, August 16, 2013

City Council Meeting Date Day Change to Monday August 19

The meeting day and date was changed to Monday August 19 because of the ITEP
grant schedule (Illinois Transportation Enchancement Program).

The last day to apply for the grant is 8/20. This is the same program approval that was tabled last week. I have asked for information on this project from the city clerks office through a foia but it seems they don't have anything other than the map which I received.

Quote from the ITEP web site is:

"ITEP 2012 Announcement
CHICAGO – January 30, 2013. Governor Pat Quinn and Illinois Transportation Secretary Ann Schneider today announced a nearly $50 million investment in community transportation projects throughout Illinois. The latest round of funding through the Illinois Transportation Enhancement Program (ITEP) will support more than 400 jobs through 54 projects, including bike paths, walking trails, historic preservation and streetscape beautification projects in communities across Illinois. The ITEP is a federally-funded, competitive program that encourages transportation-related enhancement projects in a variety of categories. Read More | Approved Projects."

Some of you may remember that this subject of a bike path through La Salle Peru was brought up prior to the election 3 years.  At that time we gave Chamlin Engineering the job of drawing up a map of possible routes that would connect with La Salle and then go on west. The problem is that no further route extensions were done.  This was eventually to connect with the Hennepin Canal and be a part of a great bike trail titled the Kaskaskia Trail through northern Illinois but at this time I understand there is NO Kaskaskia Trail..

 Based on this estimate the local share portion of the project will be $250,589.58 which will need to be an upfront payment and then we would be reimbursed by the state.

I understand at the Recreation Board meeting this past Tuesday there was someone present who lives in LaSalle and is working on the routes but he  is not a part of the La Salle administration.

If interested you might want to speak with your alderman before the meeting Monday as I understand some of them might be more interested in a swimming pool than a bike path.

TOTAL ESTIMATED COST $ 1,252,947.90 and our cities portion would by the 250 thousand plus, the rest would be covered by the state. I have the itemized listing.

The most recent video is posted so please take a minute to watch as there is some relevance to the grant. Not sure the aldermen have received enough information to make an informed decision from looking at this video.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Buy A Pizza And Support Peru Little Leaguers « AM1220 WLPO News

Buy A Pizza And Support Peru Little Leaguers « AM1220 WLPO News

La Grotto wants more of your money. A pizza costs how much? A dollar from each to Little League.....what is the message we are getting?

We are in the process of adding up the city expenses so far from the last concert and will detail them to you when available.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Are There Regulations and Rules About Informing All Aldermen About Special Meetings

I don't know the proper procedure about informing all aldermen when a special meeting will be held and their attendance is requested but common sense says it starts with the mayor and in this day of electronic communication, it should only take one email and a BCC or CC to each one requested to attend.

Why is it happening that we have one alderman who is not receiving messages and the mayor and others insist he is being texted. He is the one alderman who is persistent in his attempts to work for the city and do what is right.  Last week you may have see there was a Public Works Mtg (closed session only).  I only know that because someone told me and I am absolutely sure that the other alderman don't check the city web site everyday looking to see if a mtg has been posted that they should know about.

Being an elected official involves accepting responsibility for your actions and it is not happening. I did not go to this meeting for personal reasons but certainly know many who did and I am hearing the same from each and every one of them. The slogan has become "Go my way or the highway". There is no room for dissension in this city. This video should be on quickly, I hope it does not disappear.

Lets Swim Again

Lets Swim Again

Sunday, August 11, 2013

It Appears There is a Failure to Communicate

I have a listing of 2013 city council meetings scheduled for the year made up by the city and it shows a meeting for the date of August 12 and those who were interested in attending have looked for an agenda of which there is none on the city web site. They may post one at city hall and use that as an excuse so we will need to see what surfaces tomorrow.

I do know that we went through this with a complaint to the A.G. one other time. Perhaps they are distracted down at City Hall.

Activity at the Former Crazy D's Truck Stop or Flea Market

There was a blog posting several days ago about the union rat appearing at the demo of the old Crazy D's truck stop which was formerly Hamiltons and most recently a "flea market" which ended about 2 years ago.

The property has been for sale but has had no takers and the owners decided to take the building down in an attempt to make the property more desirable to a buyer.  They hired non union labor and began to the razing of the building. And that is when the rat made his entrance because they were not using union labor. The rat truly loves coming to Peru considering the number of times he has made an unasked for appearance.

The rat is gone and I understand the laborers are also gone and the building is standing half razed and will probably remain in that condition. You all know how I feel about this, so I won't go on any more. I have been told more times than once that Peru is a very unfriendly town to business and perhaps they are right.

MyWebTimes : Flying too costly? Bill looks to limit state legislators' use of executive planes

MyWebTimes : Flying too costly? Bill looks to limit state legislators' use of executive planes

Interesting since this city has an airport

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Concert Revenue Due to the City of Peru

I believe according to ordinance Payment to the city is overdue.

Sunday, August 04, 2013


Inter-State Consolidated Emergency Reporting Network
LODD- LaSalle Co- Peru PD K9 dog. While responding to an Armed Robbery incident 1849 hrs the handle was involved in a motor vehicle accident fatality injuring his partner Kali a female Belgian Malinois. Our thoughts and prayers are with the officer and the Peru police Department in this tragic event.

Saturday, August 03, 2013

A Beautiful Day in the Illinois Valley

We certainly couldn't ask for a nicer day in the summer than today, no wind, not too hot and not stormy. With that in mind, why has our electricity been on and off for about the last 1 1/2 hours?

Noticed it first while having a late lunch when one of our fans stopped and started intermittently. A phone call was interrupted at least 3 times when power was once again interrupted. Computer was down and it didn't pay to restart because it kept shutting off.

It is back on now @2:30 and keeping my fingers crossed.

Central States has a game today and I believe it might be in Peru.

Car show and other activities up the road in Cherry, so hope the police don't block off travel up the Plank Road in favor of the once again For Profit Concert. My personal opinion is that the point of the concert series is for profit as no town this size can support continuous charity events and the donations are more for organizations not for real causes. We should be getting a wake up call on this pretty soon.

One of the interesting expenses is that each person involved in parking cars is wearing a carpenters apron and yes these were one of the expenses paid for by the city. Surely not a big expense but interesting. Most of these people happen to be our city aldermen. So many things in town, they could be volunteering their time for and this is their choice.?????

Friday, August 02, 2013

PEDELTY BOX: Streator Youth Baseball enjoying best of both worlds - MyWebTimes.com

PEDELTY BOX: Streator Youth Baseball enjoying best of both worlds - MyWebTimes.com

Honestly none of my children participated in local little league baseball so I know little about the adventure that it is.  With Central States coming in this weekend, I found this article written in the Ottawa Times a very good read. The Concert tomorrow is dedicated to supposedly bringing money to Peru Little Leagues and we have parks dedicated to baseball. The term "travel teams" really had no meaning to me  although I had heard for the last several years that it has become very big in  youth baseball
If little league or youth baseball is an area of interest, I think you will find this interesting .