“It doesn’t take a majority to win, just a tireless minority that will keep starting brush fires in the mind and hearts of their fellow men.”

Samuel Adams

Monday, October 16, 2017

Harl says Peru employees are bogged down by Freedom of Information Act Requests

Harl says Peru employees are bogged down by Freedom of Information Act Requests

I have to admit I filed one today, not on a whim, but because the city has failed to provide the information I have been waiting to see in the minutes of one of their council meetings and it has never appeared.

The Mayor should be pleased that so many people are interested in Peru City Government.

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Public comment criticizes City of Peru

Public comment criticizes City of Peru

So only the Financial Officer of 2 years is commenting.  What aldermen who have held their seats for 15 years or more?

Relative to the first post is this link that I wanted to publish.  It is dated but that is immaterial as I doubt it was changed.


Monday, October 02, 2017

Contentious City Council Meeting This Evening

 " What we've got here is failure to communicate" 

The quote is from a well known movie of the past years and seems appropriate.

If you have been recently following this blog, you will recall my concern for lack of communication between the city and its residents.

I understand the settlement of the recent lawsuit   between Peru and a resident of the city in which the city was ordered to pay a sizeable sum of money for not repairing home damage caused by the cities sewer issues.  At that time our City Atty told the home owner to sue the City, when they did not agree to pay for the repairs.  Well she did and I understand won many times the requested $12,000.
That lady attended the meeting this evening and expressed her feelings.

Additionally there are currently issues with the City Credit card being used improperly. I will not detail this issue because this is one that our Peru news reporter should cover in detail.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Peru's splash pad is heading toward home

Peru's splash pad is heading toward home

Certainly more than most people anticipated for a city the size of Peru but also adds more questions, at least from me.????????????

Lots of room for lots of little kids, middle sized kids and I bet even some bigger kids on a hot day. This leads me to the question of whether we now will need supervision or more explicitly, people hired by the city to keep everything on an even keel. Especially interesting in that now there will need to be showers open to the public which are more maintenance and definitely paid people to make sure there will be no problems there.

Will there be enough parking in the lot for all the anticipated users? And last but not least are all the nearby residents on board with this? Maybe that does not matter to the city.

Maybe all needless Mom and Dad worries which I hope is the case.  Any thoughts? Constructive ones please.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Krug: FOIA lawsuits a threat to our democracy, insult to our time

Krug: FOIA lawsuits a threat to our democracy, insult to our time

This is lengthy but definitely a good read if you are interested in the dangers that might be lurking around the corner. Foia is how we learn about what our government is up to on all levels but some officials think there are things we should not know or don't need to know. Sound familiar?

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Please Sign Your Name If You Expect Me To Be Considerate of Your Disappointment

So people with no name are expecting me  to take their comments seriously when they are telling me how disappointed they are  that we allow politicians to be criticized about what they do and don't do.  Our elected officials in Peru do not show they have any respect for many of the people living in Peru but some expect us to take it all in stride and to continue to think highly of them.
 So if you write in with more of the same I will not put on the blog without your name attached.

I fail to understand the gist of your comment.  You write in anon with a request to not allow people in Peru to criticize their officials because they do it an anonymous manner and you do the same .

When elected officials are using tax dollars with excess employees to make decisions affecting all or most of the residents and yet they do not act in a respectful manner when a resident or more than one is affected in some manner, they are ignored. I have seen this and heard more of this. Do you really believe all these comments written to be posted if there was not a great deal of disappointment about many decisions that have been made and continue to be made.I am also aware of numerous  things going on that people will ultimately become aware of in which the city will be forced to answer for.

The lack of respect to the residents has reached a pretty high level and most are just giving it back to them.

In case you were not aware of it, I worked to elect Mayor Harl in 2009 and expected him to be a peoples mayor and he is not. Time after time I have seen just the opposite.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Does Peru Really Care?

Here it is a beautiful Monday on a warm and sunny Fall day and what is that sound I keep hearing especially when I open my windows.  Not the birds singing or splashing in the bird bath and kids coming home from school, not even a car with a noisy muffler, it is the "beep beep of a large construction truck backing up on 6th St. The trucker think that makes a difference in how I feel about the "crap" they are dumping into almost my back yard.

Peru has been blessed with 3 plots of wooded ravines and at one time former Mayor Baker published a pamphlet that had pictures of the one on 7th St. between Monks and Chambers.  He pictured walking trails and horseback riding paths and generally a very lovely and peaceful park. Well we know that never happened but the thought was at least there. People move to the country to get out of town to be near wooded areas and the city has it right in its midst. This is the kind of place that should be preserved for future generations but how well is Peru doing its preservation.

Not very well, it appears since I keep hearing the "beep beep".  What is being dumped, is it anything beside concrete slabs and dirt.  Is it clean fill, clean soil? I don't know and the city doesn't know and evidently does not care.  All that matters is that it is on private property and that is the only qualifier.  Do the truckers go through the city approval process  and agree to be legally responsible if anything happens to the sanitary sewers? Or some other environmental problem? I talked to the Dept. of Public Works, the PPD and the City Clerk. Do my aldermen know, if they are aware of their ward, yes they do.

Peru officials, do you care?  Remember you are allowing this in a residential area? Does that matter?  Should this area be rezoned to industrial to accomodate the heavy truck traffic on these streets? Are the dumpers telling other associates "I know where you can get rid of this load and it won't cost you a dime"?

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

City Council Meeting Sept. 5, 2017

Posting a title early because I believe there might be some comments coming up.  Just watching a video on FB of a resident expressing his concerns to a silent Mayor and City Council. Also heard that there might have been a closed session Meeting of the Whole prior to the regular Council Mtg. No update from the N.T. this evening.

Ancel Glink Question of the Month
Municipal Q&A - September 2017:
Question: Can a unit of local government pass a policy limiting public comment to residents only?
Answer: According to a recent PAC opinion, public bodies may not restrict public comment to residents only, as Section 2.06(g) of the Open Meetings Act provides that "any person" shall be permitted an opportunity to address public officials under the rules established by the public body 

Do You Really Think I Write All That Appears on the Blog

I am a life long Peru resident and have many friends, acquaintances and relatives living here. We have great residents.  I don't criticize people but oft times do criticize government for what they say and do. Everyone should do a bit more of it.

 I have no clue why people keep writing in saying I make all the comments here that criticize the city, don't you understand the way in which a blog is administered? Some of you constantly complain and criticize comments made by others also.  I like to think that most of you have good intentions.

Do you ever criticize the Gov. of Illinois?
Do you ever criticize our local Senator or Representative?
Do you ever criticize our state legislature?
Do you ever criticize our Senators in Washington.
Do you ever criticize Congress?

Evidently there are people in Peru who believe the elected officials in Peru should never ever be criticized.  If you believe that then you are not a very good citizen of this community.

They don't need constant pats on the back and handshakes, they get their fair share of that. They deserve to know what people think of how the government is working or not. The taxpayers are funding this government very well on all levels

I am sure that there are those who will throw this back at me who don't realize that criticism at times is justified and criticism and suggestions made to the government make a better city, state and federal government.