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Samuel Adams

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Ice Hockey May Soon Arrive Across the Street From You on Plain and.or 12th St.

Ice Hockey May Soon Arrive Across the Street From You on Plain and.or 12th St.

Have the aldermen consulted neighboring residents? Thoughts on location of proposed rink.  I was under the illusion that this would be a neighborhood skating rink for our cities residents. Evidently many of us were misled.

I happened to find myself in a conversation with a "Hockey Mom" today. She talked about most of the hockey teams prefering to use the indoor ice rinks in some of the larger cities.  Evidently the ice rink at Echo Bluff has "coolers" to maintain the ice during periods of warmer weather in the winter. This link has some answers.


Tuesday, March 13, 2018

May 23, 2015 Looking Back at the Change in Peru Government and Now


An interesting look back at how Peru has evolved into the current structure of the city.  Read  the comments made by current Administrative Employees' How many positions will one person be allowed to have?  It appears that the newly developed proposition of a combined Police Dept., might have an affect on the structure of the Peru Administration.

If the new design of police service in the Illinois Valley actually takes place, will it change the structure of Peru government? When the 2015 changes were made, maybe there should have been a required evaluation of how well it is working or not and it should have been designed to have public input as well as employee input, within a specific time frame such as 3 or 5 years.

Take a few minutes to read the news from 2015 and share your thoughts.

Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Peru and Oglesby OK Expenditures to Further the Combined Police Station


Supposedly this is a payment toward Legal Expeditures of the venture being floated of a combined police force for the entire Illinois Valley of La Salle, Peru, Oglesby and Spring Valley. At this point it seems that people posting to the blog have more questions than answers about the possibility of building a combined force with the prevailing opinion that the building will be located in Peru.

Will the legal team be looking into all local ordinances to see if all cities have the same rules created? On something this serious, I believe a Public Referendum needs to be held within each of the cities because if you don't have the people backing your venture, you will have problems with an area that is already losing population.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Combining Police Departments Tried Elsewhere - Will the IV Be Successful?


One thing not mentioned that I thought of after viewing the picture associated with this article that has not been mentioned. The Peru Police Chief is also the City Administrator. Does this put a different light on this picture or not? I'm not sure but certainly it adds another dimension to it. In the other cities the Police Chief  is not the Mayor or City Administrator.

Wednesday, February 07, 2018

New Police Station Innovation Venture by La Salle Peru Oglesby and Spring Valley


So far Peru has been the driving force behind this new venture headed by Peru Police Chief Bernabei. 

Appears to be many questions and I don't understand if it does not involve shared police forces what is the purpose of constructing a bldg. to be used as the headquarters for all the police departments?

Anyone have the answer? From this news article it sounds like the question was asked but I did not see an answer. Thanks to Art Giese and Julie Ajster for being present to represent not only themselves but the general public and hopefully will encourage others to also attend and ask questions.

Friday, February 02, 2018

Lawsuit Against the City of Peru Discrimination by City and Peru Fire Dept.


This undoubtedly will become a nasty topic with defenders on both sides. Be aware that your comment may not be posted or may be deleted if automatically posted. In other words I want no personal or racial discrimination comments as I am well aware that that problem exists within our City.

If you have facts that can be verified it will be accepted.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Ottawa Mayor Finishing Last Term of Office Ending 2019


Found this is to be good read for those interested in reading about Municipal Success from the view of a current Mayor. Admire his philosophy about how to manage a successful city or a successful anything.  It's all about having a plan.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Peru and the New Plans for a Much Desired NEW Police Station

Is our police chief putting the cart before the horse? Or is he just not putting important information in the public venue?

When the meeting between Mayors Harl, Grove, Finley and Marini took place last week, it was the first most people knew about the desire of Police Chief/City Administrator Bernabei to consolidate the Police Departments of Spring Valley ( his former home turf), Peru, La Salle and Oglesby under one roof. And within a week the request to the City Council of Peru to approve a $70,000 design for the police building happened.  Well Almost!

City Engineer Eric Carls was set to get the wheels rolling on this at the meeting but after some discussion by the council and the residents attending the mtg, it was approved but that was all and I understand before the design is developed, the city will need the approval of all the committees of the cities involved . Lots of questions about needing a public referendum in each city for citizens to approve.

Peru Police Chief is promoting this possibility but between the 4 towns we currently have 4 Police Chiefs so what happens if approval happens since no one is going to lose their jobs, what about all the excess police chiefs, will they all retire? Or maybe none of them! Would we need a Police Chief that is not currently serving any of the cities?

This is not something that should happen quickly and it should be thoroughly researched and with the public involved at all levels. The motivation is said to be monetary savings in HUGE AMOUNTS. But the figure given was over a 60 year time frame. At that time frame, logically none of the current employees in any of the police departments will be working in that capacity and it sounds like a play on numbers to get approval. Would this require approval on the state level?

Your questions are?