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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Letters to the editor: Is Peru acting fairly toward all pot company applicants? - LaSalle News Tribune - LaSalle, IL

Letters to the editor: Is Peru acting fairly toward all pot company applicants? - LaSalle News Tribune - LaSalle, IL

As I have watched the number of companies interested in establishing the "pot" growing facility here in Peru, I thought about other cities around us and several with a larger population and some close to ours, and wondered why it was only Peru that was putting names of companies out to the public.

I do not know whether other cities were perhaps handling requests in a different manner and considering them privately with city officials only in the know and then deciding which one they would endorse after looking through all their qualifications.

I would like to know but at this time do not. I posted a news article a few days ago and it included all the districts applying, some in detail and some barely mentioned.

Personally I don't believe Peru should endorse a particular one but let the state do that since the city has now been put in an uncomfortable position. I also do not think at this point that there is anyone in the city qualified to make an endorsement and that includes the mayor and council.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Will the Lobbyist Sign the Same Contract With Same Wording

Now that the lobbyist has been approved, shouldn't the aldermen vote again to approve the contract and add some provisions about responsibility with regard to coming back to the city with specifics being researched and getting approval or do we simply hand it all over to the mayor to do with it what he wishes.

This is the previous contract:

Do the aldermen need to add the responsibilities of the Lobbyist in regard to bringing information back to the elected officials so it can be included in the aldermen's packet each month?
This  should not be for a paycheck at an agreed upon price, we should be getting something in return for the money and that means information in an agreed upon time frame perhaps at Finance Committee Meetings.

This should be standard procedure for all of the companies or organizations that provide paid services to the city regarding economic development.

Recently 2 members of IVAC came to the Finance Committee with a short presentation about their present strategies.

The other company, MCS, Development Delivered has set up an economic development web site which is a part of the City of Peru web site which they maintain and update. It can be located under the Economic Development heading.

Peru renews contract with lobbyist « Classics Hits 103.9 WLPO

Peru renews contract with lobbyist « Classics Hits 103.9 WLPO

Monday, August 25, 2014

Vote to Retain the Lobbyist in Peru

The vote was 4 and 4. Potthoff, Ferrari, Perez and Mueller voted no. Harl broke the tie. 

Thank you Alderman Potthoff, Alderman Ferrari, Alderman Perez and Alderman Mueller for showing good judgement with your vote.

And to those who voted yes to retain the lobbyist, Alderman Lukosus, Alderman Radtke, Alderman Waldorf and Alderman Sapienza, we hope the voters will gradually show you the door out of city hall and bring in some thinking representatives.

I knew with the above 4 still in office that there was no way this would be defeated and I was hoping that Mayor Harl would have to break the tie vote. Now we know that the mayor really is a politician and that his political ties are more important than being a good mayor for the residents of Peru.

Again my thanks  to the Aldermen who voted for Peru by voting against the Lobbyist.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Illinois cannabis lobbyist information

Illinois cannabis lobbyist information

Some big players and lots and lots of money.

Demographics of Peru Are Being Noticed

Our Economic Director, Bob Vickery, once again at Finance brought up the businesses interested in coming into Peru and it appears there are 4 or 5 corporations interested in building more senior housing within the city.  Homes a bit larger than the Stough Group homes and to be built in the northern part of the city. They are looking to build on approximately 5 acre plots, to the north.

Many of us realize that they probably see the right market for their products in senior housing in La Salle Peru. Seniors also desire to have nearby groceries and medical facilities and possibly drug stores that include other amenities.  So we will need to wait and see what is built if any housing does become a reality.

And on the other end of the spectrum is the question of how much money should be put into "decorating" Route 6 businesses.  Mayor Harl prefers banners instead of flower baskets and I am sure that is what we will see along the route. Vickery  is working with businesses to develop a facade improvement program and at the current time, Peru will put in $25,000 toward a 50/50 city/business payment for whatever is decided upon. I would like to see the Peru side of the Route 6 Tourist Assn. began to put their minutes on the Peru city web site, since we will be adding dollars to the program and actually does involve city property.

And on the A-Unified lawsuit, I am told that the N.T. had an article last night which states the city now has the title to the property at a cost of $250,000 approximately plus court costs. But the company has no money and what are the court costs?

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Peru Can Definitely Afford One (a Lobbyist) Said Mayor Harl

Finance Committee Mtg August 20 with members Dave Potthoff, Tony Ferrari present and members Mike Radke and Rodney Perez absent.

Mayor Harl is also now considered a member and he was present with Ald. Lukosus by his side and Ald. Sapienza also present. Strangely Treasurer Hylla was not at the Finance Mtg. Definitely something going on there.

They quickly got to the rehiring of Timothy McAnarney as Lobbyist for Peru for another year and as quoted in the heading the Mayor said that any city that can afford a lobbyist has one and Peru can definitely afford one. Ald. Ferrari said the aldermen had never seen any information until he got the foia'd  information but only after the information which I foia'd first was put on the blog. So that means the mayor did not feel that anything the Lobbyist was doing during the last year was important enough to share with his aldermen. But I will clarify that by saying I do believe that he shared any and everything with Ald. Lukosus but none of the others.

But today at the meeting he said the Lobbyist was doing so much for the city and not all that he had done was written on those reports and sometime the lobbyist is talking to people in the Legislature and elsewhere but does not know if anything gets done or not.

He picked out a couple of things he thought was important from the foia'd papers.

November 5, 2013 Talked to Ameren re: Unytite and the proposed move to LaSalle.
November 27, 2013 Per request of Bob Vickery he called ATT&T to look into poor reception in downtown Peru..
Lukosus said Peru could have had a grant for a bike path and that would have been because of him. ???? Also that he is of great help with the airport.

The Mayor also said something about not knowing what was in the original contract to hire and  I suggest he read contracts before he attaches his name to them.

This vote will go to the Council Meeting Monday and I believe with the help of Ald. Lukosus, Sapienza, Radtke and probably Waldorf and with Ferrari being the question mark, it will pass even if the mayor has to end up breaking the tie. And those of us who disagree with this, must remember that there is an election next spring in each ward and it  will determine if  Potthoff, Waldorf, Perez and Mueller are returned to office. Possibly there may be a referendum to put on the ballot changing Peru's government to a City Manager-Council format.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Lobbyist Contract and Remaining Information

These are the remaining pages of the foia. We as taxpayers already pay the salary of Rep. Mautino (D) from Spring Valley and representing the 76th District of which Peru is part of and additionally Senator Sue Rezin (R) of Morris maintains an office in Peru. Add onto that the $14,000 we pay yearly to IVAC. Peru has a Economic Director.

My question is what did we get for the $24,000 we paid to the Lobbyist? This topic will be presented at the Finance Committee @4PM and they will talk (I hope) about whether he supplies services that Peru cannot survive and move ahead without.

On a personal note, I have always been an Independent voter and have never voted any party line and I am finding this hire to be a very Democratic associated individual. We don't vote a political party when we elect a mayor or aldermen but I realize while they don't run on a party ticket they have a right to personal party associations but I don't want them imbedded in a small city government. Get help from all and don't get too cozy and you will get a bit more from all of the them.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Peru Seems to be Interested in Expanding PPD to Plank Rd

Oh and also I wonder if they are interested in renewing the Lobbyist contract for another year. Since no one seemed to remember that his contract signed on August 1, 2013 was no longer valid since this is now August 18.

The first partial letter is a recommendation to the Peru City Council Aldermen. The full page letter shows why the mayor wanted this appt. As his first task, he seems to be interested in the Peru Armory.
The last page on this post is the last 2 months of the Lobbyists work for the city. Draw your own conclusions on this.

Friday, August 15, 2014

HeavyMtl 2013 - Godsmack - Mosh Pit

Lou's LaGrottp states no mosh pits allowed but comments seem to indicate they can't stop them. On her FB page she also has a list of items not allowed at the concert.

Peru City Aldermen Committee Members

Potthoff and Radke serve on Accounts and Finance.

Waldorf and Lukosus serve on Public Works.. Electric, water streets.

Ferrari and Sapienza serve on Public Health and Safety ( police, fire, esda, ambulance.

Perez and Mueller serve on Public property.. Covers buildings grounds and Recreation.