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Samuel Adams

Monday, August 03, 2015

Our View: Let's get behind multicounty regional planning commission

Our View: Let's get behind multicounty regional planning commission

Cities to our north and northwest realize that they need a loud and unified voice to attract business to their area. They state that cities cannot do this all by themselves that they need to work as one.  This is done in contrast to the Lone Wolf contracts and deals the city of Peru is attempting to use.  Which one will work?  Time will tell as will the determination and work of a unified organization.

Local Event Sponsors

Some of the comments this morning have been been so illogical.  Think about the history of recent Peru events, say the last 50 years. What organization has been in back of most of them. Has it been the Community Service Organization (CSO)?

And for how many years have all of the aldermen been members of the CSO? How many are currently members?

Who puts up the Christmas decorations and who hosts the bands and beer tent for the Fourth of July?

This all male organization has been in bed with our City Hall and its inhabitants for as long as I can remember.

Remember the Peru Businessmen's Association? And the Peru Downtown Redevelopment  Organization which must have been under the control of the Peru Mayor because he disbanded it in order to form a committee over which he has control.

The Volunteer Beautification Committee fell apart and the reason was NO support by the city government.

In order to have an event put on by an organization it is necessary to have the support and approval of the City in which it is to take place. The Recreation Board has not lived up to its original intent and the July 4 Fireworks is a perfect example. The location was not available and they could not find another place to locate it, so you might as well say it is toast because our location of Water Street is located right adjacent to the Illinois River and it has a habit of flooding many times in late spring or early summer which often includes July 4. No back up , no fireworks.

Now give me a few more reasons why Peru has no events. I hope the naysayers here realize it takes a cooperative city.

The city had no problem helping out at the airport for the concerts and they jumped in feet first even having a coordinator between the city and the sponsor. This city encourages what it wants to and finds ways to end those they do not.

Sunday, August 02, 2015

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Taxpayer Dollars Going to Multiple Lobbying Organizations

As just stated Peru in search of economic development now includes 24,000 for a Lobbyist in Springfield, 24,000 for a Volunteer Economic Director with a city approved Expense Account and also operating as Oval Wacker Consulting with free office space at city hall.

(Foia Ordinance 6091 for information on the OWC legal information - 10 pages)

We also have working for us IVAC which is working on regional economics and MCS working through the internet advertising Peru. I do not have the figures at hand for that cost.

Addtionally we have Sen. Rezins office located in Peru and she is available for state information and assistance and Rep. Mautino's office is about 5 miles west in Spring Valley.

Are we spending almost $100,000 per year or close to that for economic development?
The citizens receive very little information on the success or lack of from these investments. Details are in short supply.

Drunk in city hall raises new security concerns - LaSalle News Tribune - LaSalle, IL

Drunk in city hall raises new security concerns - LaSalle News Tribune - LaSalle, IL

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Stroll and peek into La Salle with art, wine - LaSalle News Tribune - LaSalle, IL

Stroll and peek into La Salle with art, wine - LaSalle News Tribune - LaSalle, IL

OK I just had to post this because it is absolutely a new and innovative way to display the city when new businesses are moving into vacant buildings  Congratulations to all of you who are trying something new in La Salle. I hope the residents and the government of our city of Peru will also comment in a positive manner because when one city is making visual improvements, it impacts positively on all neighboring cities and the entire Illinois Valley.

The story is interesting and of course if you are familiar with the area, it will be more so. So many of us grew up when La Salle was the shopping mecca and while store fronts are now different new local business breathes new life into a community and I personally am happy to see it and hope others are too.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Extending a Thank You to Ald. Potthoff, Ferrari and Mueller

I went to the city council mtg and stayed only long enough to hear the vote on the Lobbyist which was 4-3 the mayor got his vote and he can continue to make his trips to Springfield and rub shoulders with the bigwigs down there.  Honestly all I can think of was"How in the world did Mayor Baker run this city for 40 years without having a lobbyist in Springfield?"

 To me saying Lobbyist is like saying something not said in polite company.

Alderman Potthoff, Alderman Ferrari and Alderman Mueller stood for the people this evening in voting against this unnecessary expense and we thank you.

And one additional comment, I heard about how much money Peru has Ad Nauseum and wonder why we don't clean our streets, why we don't have recreational facilities updated and upgraded and......
Every city beside Peru has had either a Music Fest, a Fun Fest or something by another name that involvesthe people coming together to enjoy their city and in the meantime I guess the people who run this city are only concerned with other activities and going downstate or to the suburbs to be with people they prefer to the residents of this city.

We all still see people driving haphazardly thru Adventure Dr. and 38 th Street, how taking some of the money and straightening out that mess.

I would not like to have friends who constantly brag about how much money they have and in fact they would not be my friends. The same with the city why do you brag about how much money you have and you will have more before much longer and yet you could not fund a Splash Pad for the children of this city. Seems like the city is rather misguided in their attempts to appear like the Leader of the Valley.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

City of Peru Illinois 61354 - Government Agenda, Minutes, Videos, News

City of Peru Illinois 61354 - Government Agenda, Minutes, Videos, News

Task Force munutes

June jobs update: Illinois’ workforce shrinks by 8,300, state has nation’s worst jobs losses at -7,500

June jobs update: Illinois’ workforce shrinks by 8,300, state has nation’s worst jobs losses at -7,500

What is this telling us? No jobs, no money to spend and are we the city of Peru depending upon sales tax  Thinking back to yesterday and listening to the excuses from people who have no economic sense (imo)  telling the citizens that Peru needs to have a presence in Springfield me left me speechless.  As. Ald. Potthoff remarked, this lobbyist is not in Springfield as an economic director and we all know that things like grants are disappearing because even the state cannot pay their bills.
The mayor responded that Ottawa pays a very high figure for a lobbyist and 24,000 is much less.  That would be the only comparison Peru can make with Ottawa.

Many of you have given Ald. Potthoff credit for his economic knowledge and now the mayor is not even listening because he wants what he wants.


Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Task Force Proposes Consolidation, Dissolution of Local Governments | Chicago Tonight | WTTW

Task Force Proposes Consolidation, Dissolution of Local Governments | Chicago Tonight | WTTW

Thank you Ald. Ferrari, Potthoff and Mueller

Discussion at the Finance mtg this afternoon spent a good deal of time  discussing how important it is for the city to renew their contract with the lobbyist for a year.  Mayor Harl jumped in with both feet telling them the importance of a representative for us in Springfield and helping the mayor with this was Ald. Waldorf, Ald. Payton, Ald. Sapienza and Ald. Radtke all thinking that the $24,000 is well spent on this lobbyist. We know the cozy relationship the mayor and lobbyist have as he is referred to as Tim.

In opposition was Finance Chairman D. Potthoff who said the $24,000 could be spent doing some for the taxpayers in Peru and Ald. Ferrari gets a pat on the back for bringing up the fact that we already have elected reps. serving us in Springfield and we didn't need a lobbyist. They are Senator Rezin and Rep. Frank Mautino and they will both be pleased to know that some of our aldermen and mayor must not think they are giving us good representation.  Ald. Mueller also thought we could do something for the people of Peru.

This will be voted on Monday and should be passed 5-3. Ald. Lukosus was not present this afternoon.

Sterling Main Street

Sterling Main Street

This city has gone through a lot and is fighting their way back. Interesting look at another city that is bigger than Peru but actually has things in common.  They have a Mall, they have lost manufacturing and populations changes. But looks like they have not lost their spirit. BTW they have an excellent City Manager.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Ottawa in the running for national landscape honor - LaSalle News Tribune - LaSalle, IL

Ottawa in the running for national landscape honor - LaSalle News Tribune - LaSalle, IL

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. While I realize we can't be like Ottawa, we might try and take a few hints. I am not comparing but what I am saying is "Looks this is possible, this city has done it".  And when I posted about Princeton a few days ago and what they have done for recreation, again I say look and think about what could be in our city beside another big box store or restaurant that most residents won't shop at or eat at.

I was reading comments on FB for the last few days and it is people remembering the best place ever for an ice cream cone or an event the city hosted or stores you actually shopped at. I'm glad Peru is working on our economy but we are the victim of a poorly run state and we can't change that in the NOW so let's make the best of what we have and give people something to enjoy also. And Peru officials listen to your residents, it is their town too.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Princeton Park District - Princeton, Illinois

Princeton Park District - Princeton, Illinois

What the Princeton Park District does but although the same size almost as Peru, they do have more facilities and parks and complexes to care for.  I got on that site because i was reading about the Z Tour Charity Bike Ride that I believe raises funds for the Zearing Park Enrichment Center. I was impressed but I am sure many will criticize.