“It doesn’t take a majority to win, just a tireless minority that will keep starting brush fires in the mind and hearts of their fellow men.”

Samuel Adams

Friday, November 18, 2016

Poll reveals half of Illinois residents want to leave

Poll reveals half of Illinois residents want to leave Of course this is more of the same but it is a shame that no improvements are being made. People that I know that have moved have either moved for a better business climate or better weather and we can do nothing about the later. Government employees want more money and there is less and less to give them without tax increases and the remaining residents can't afford the increased taxation.

Monday, November 07, 2016

Proposition Whether Peru City Council Should Continue to Persue Dissolving Peru Twp

This proposition will be on out ballots tomorow. For so long we have heard people express the desire to eliminate the township with its high salaries and its history of not doing much for what it costs to maintain. Twp road repair and care would be the main concern as assistance is a very small part of their budget.

My question is why is the Mayor of Peru concerned about the township? And who is he consulting with and receving his advice to move on this at this time?

Is it the tax levy that is received by the township and would this now go into the Peru Finances?

How about our City Administrator/Police Chief who is also a Trustee on the Twp. Board?

Initially when this came up in a discussion, I thought this is a no brainer, sure we want to eliminate the township but after much consideration I believe there needs to be an open discussion with the citizens of the city and our city fathers, all of them.

Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Before You Vote For President, Vote 'No' On Lockbox Amendment

Before You Vote For President, Vote 'No' On Lockbox Amendment

I believe this is a topic very few people are aware will be a question on our ballots next week.  I know I was not knowledgeable and still have questions about how it will work. I would appreciate any discussion on this topic.

Monday, October 17, 2016

'We decided we needed a park': 4-year-old dream becomes a reality

'We decided we needed a park': 4-year-old dream becomes a reality

Community efforts can produce amazing results, Ottawa and La Salle keep trying to show us how it is done but Peru doesn't hear. They speak quietly and among themselves at City Hall.  I believe there is a meeting this evening but don't anyone that is going. Times have changed so we now depend upon N.T. for information.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Bring Me Your Weary: Why I Will Be Voting Evan McMullin in November and...

Bring Me Your Weary: Why I Will Be Voting Evan McMullin in November and...:           Well, I guess that title is a little misleading.  I actually plan to vote in October during early voting.  I mean I love the i...

Reposting this well done blog and expresses my own thoughts at the same time.

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Really A Cool One Million Dollar Splashpad

According to the N.T. article about the potential splashpad is to be located on the land where the former Washington School was demolished for an approximate cost of 1 million dollars.

The original request for a grant from the DNR was for a splashpad to be located in the area of the former swimming pool and they were told NO, you need more than a splashpad to be able to be approved for a grant.  Back to the drawing board and the city added horseshoe pit, volleyball courts, picnic tables for checkers and an expanded parking lot in the triangle across from the Peru Library.

And then we had a state election and the current governor Quinn was replaced by current Governor Rauner and all grants were froze. So now a different location but we still have to put in horseshoe pits that will probably be little utilized and volleyball court or courts. So instead of a grant for app. 250,000, and the donation of 100,000 for an ADA accesible splashpad and now the city is saying at least a million dollars. Not sure how much of the Pool Fund is available for a splashpad.

Does this make sense considering we are now going to create a million dollar splashpad adjacent to a  residential area. Last I knew we are still a fairly small city of probably between 9500 and 10,000 and with smaller families and how many children of the age to use this splashpad are living in Peru? When the pool was demolished and the city hired a company to design a new pool, I believe the cost was approximately 3 million for a state of art pool from this company, others would have been less. The Mayor and City Council said NO. What does our City Plan project for our city?

Saturday, October 01, 2016

Whether it is is a local campaign or a national campaign  the quotes on this picture  are a good idea. It is no secret that I will be working on the McMullin campaign on social media and locally as well for the next month. There are currently state chairs in all the states and each state is being divided by county with a chairman for each of them.

I realize that here in the valley, I will be hearing Evan who?  but this has truely reached throughout all the U.S. states.  Since I am and have always been a #NeverTrump#Hillary individual and I find his values to be what I was looking for in a Presidential campaign, I am doing some social media and that includes this blog. There are more than enough videos and blogs and news information to search for and I will post some that I think are really good.

If you candidate is someone else that is whom you will vote for.

If you have local election comment they are still welcome here on the Peru Town Forum.