“It doesn’t take a majority to win, just a tireless minority that will keep starting brush fires in the mind and hearts of their fellow men.”

Samuel Adams

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Why The Chicago Area's Powerhouse Economy Can't Jumpstart Stalled Illinois

Why The Chicago Area's Powerhouse Economy Can't Jumpstart Stalled Illinois

OK whom do we believe?  Our local government which definitely does not share well with the general populace or people who like the BGA who look at a broad range of issues to give us the answer.  Frankly I was surprised at the draw that Chicago has for jobs and thus that is where our young will be going after graduating from college.

And maybe it is more than the jobs that pull the young to Chicago. It could be professional sports, entertainment, education availabilties, transportation. Cities do work to do some things for families like the proposed splashpad, but will it be enough. Are the journalists over reacting just to write a story and none of this is true?

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Peru cracks down on ordinance-violating signs

Peru cracks down on ordinance-violating signs

What's the big concern, election signs were up  for about 6 weeks, and now they are gone.  It is a once every 4 years event and it will happen again and again. Peru has more important stuff on its plate, maybe it needs the residents to tell them what is really important and what is trivial.

Saturday, April 08, 2017

Stores are closing at a pace that rivals the last U.S. recession

Stores are closing at a pace that rivals the last U.S. recession

Is the city of Peru preparing for this eventuality? Is it time to guard your finances for the absolute necessities?

Friday, April 07, 2017

Opinion | Time to start taking political ignorance seriously

Opinion | Time to start taking political ignorance seriouslyThis was written for the purpose of reviewing the recent national election but I  do believe it can be about any election on any level of government. Why did the county of La Salle turn blue this recent election and why did our township turn very blue?  Without getting into personalities what is going on?

Monday, April 03, 2017

Peru City Council approves $1.79 million splash pad

Peru City Council approves $1.79 million splash pad

True political performance by real politicians doing this on the eve of the Peru Municipal Elections. Daddy knows what is best might be the only way to phrase this. Neither the City Council, the Mayor or the Administrator ever called together the people of Peru and asked their opinion. They never asked them what they wanted and as usual assumed that they know better than you. And as far as I know they never told you how they would pay for it, other than the grant and the Happ donation.


Monday, March 27, 2017

Peru Mayoral Debate at the Peru Public Library

Mayor Harl, Candidates Rodney Perez and James Giodano debated public policy, ordinances etc. yesterday at a very well attended event in Peru. Yes I went and the only new comment I hears was that suddenly Mayor Harl always said he would like to serve 3 terms.

Wrong Mayor Harl and I am NOT the only one who adamantly remembers that you said probably in your campaign in "09.

I will not comment on the content of the debate which was  series of questions asked by the audience because it would be only my opinion and we are more interested in yours and not political slogans but coming from you heart as a resident of this city of 9, 952.


In less than 48 hours we will know whether Peru will take a new path or continue on the same one as the past 8 years.

That reminds me that I must contact the city about a blocked sewer grating and damage to the berm on Prospect and 6th because I do not know who is responsible for damage and who is responsible for repair and almost forgot pinecones were blown all over the roadway. Is that the same as blowing grass clippings on the street?

Saturday, March 18, 2017

From Mayor Harl and City of Peru

Mayor Scott J. Harl
Statement of closing of JC Penny store
Friday March 17, 2017
Today’s announcement of the pending closure of JC Penny stores across the state and nation including the Peru mall store is a great disappointment to all of us at the city of Peru. On behalf of everyone at the city of Peru, we are especially saddened for the many employees of the Peru store who may lose their employment.
While retail sales in Peru was at a record 600 million dollars last year and with Peru having one of the highest retail sales per capita in Illinois, the loss of any business and their employees is very sad.
The city of Peru, like all cities across the state and nation must be prepared to work towards a sustainable plan to maintain and grow our economic retail base. While that plan has been a continued work in progress, we are committed to not only attract new business but also work with existing business to maintain their local presence both in the north retail section and equally in our Rt 6 downtown business corridor. One need only look to these areas to see the many businesses that have either expanded or opened but we will not sit back and wait for business development. We will continue our aggressive business friendly plan that has benefited not only Peru but also the entire Illinois Valley area.
With that in mind the council members, all city department heads, the entire economic development team and I have been working diligently to continue to have the city of Peru to be recognized as a business friendly community.
We have been working with many developers to bring business to the north retail section with many pending development in the works. We also have had discussions with the ownership of the Peru Mall to lend our support towards any rebranding of the Peru Mall area to maintain existing business.
At the same time, we implemented our Rt 6 business incentive program that has been in existence these past three years and has been discussed for the past several months this new budget year is expected to have a major expansion of the program. We have also started the process of a downtown business TIF district to support our current and future businesses in downtown corridor.
These efforts as well as others will continue on behalf of everyone in the city of Peru.

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Best Places to Start a Business in Illinois - NerdWallet

Best Places to Start a Business in Illinois - NerdWallet

Is this a good political campaign issue?

  Seems the only thing we have going for us is "affordable housing" and businesses that pay their employees.  Have we acquired any new businesses as a result of this top notch status?.

Please give us the new businesses that started up in Peru as a result of this. We have Harbor Freight and Cricket but don't know if they included retail in their assessment.

Did any of you read the recent Illinois Policy article about border cities in Illinois losing population to adjacent states due to lower taxes = lower cost of living. I do remember our former Superintendent of the Electric Dept. making the decision to do that.

Just a reminder I am not posting any rah rahs about candidates. Also there was an article in the Peru Pride that some people found offensive and sorry I can't put that online either, just common decency on that as he  is no longer holding office and I would not have enough space to include all the former Peru politicians that also did the similar things.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Pride in Peru You Either Have It Or You Don't

Received the magazine put out by the city of Peru, lovely magazine but sure it will hit the waste basket by many as soon as brought into the house but that is the chance they take, isn't it?.   Except like everything, the cost is on the taxpayer.

If you have leafed thru it, you surely have seen the diagram of our future park to be located on the site of the former Washington School. Location is appropriate as it is close to the general population.

I have a question.  When it was first thought the city  might rebuild the swimming pool which they anticipated removing, they brought in several different developers and designers to give us a "look see" at what they might be able to develop for this city at same location. There were pictures of the planned project and the needed info and cost available. The company they chose was definitely not one that was good for Peru because they were used to developing high end projects in or close to larger cities. They did spend a lot of time with city officials but nothing came from it because in my opinion they were good people but wrong for this city whereas there was a company that had developed pools in many smaller cities in IL and IA that if chosen, we might in my opinon have designed a pool appropriate for a town the size of Peru and with the right resources to build it.  Again my opinion.

The same might be said about the splashpad.  Last couple of years we didn't even have money to build a small one and now we are building a million dollar project.
Have they held a Public Forum for the citizens to find out what they would like in a new park?

Have they even invited you to a council mtg where you could ask the questions with time dedicated to only that topic?

Has the city decided to design and build this park without going to developers of such projects?  From no money to a million dollars, anyone know this is an Election Year for Mayor?

Do you even care or are you interested?  Lot of data has not been put out to the public, you know the people who will actually use this facility.