“It doesn’t take a majority to win, just a tireless minority that will keep starting brush fires in the mind and hearts of their fellow men.”

Samuel Adams

Monday, July 21, 2014

Public Services Initial Meeting

Attended by Ald. Waldorf chairman, Ald. Lukosus, City Clerk Bartley, TEST Chris Perra, Jeff King and Doug Bernabei and not sure what we call them at a Public Services meeting, Mayor Harl, Ald. Sapienza, Ald. Mueller, Jeff Perry from Chamlin, Eric Carls, city engineer and 2 others that I believe were other Chamlin Engineers. They did not pass an attendance sheet around.

A lot of the meeting was conducted by the engineers covering topics as roads, sewers, airport (nothing about the past or coming concert). Bucket truck is being prepared for light department, need a very expensive tool for valves on old water mains. We are going to work with La Salle this year and purchase salt together per Jeff Kings information.

Mayor Harl is interested in purchasing the old Coke plant for PW department.

I asked the mayor if he would be appointing one of the aldermen from some committee to attend Recreation Board meetings and he said no, it was not necessary.  I pointed out that in the past either from a long ago Recreation Committee to the just eliminated Public Property Committee, an aldermen or 2 attended the Rec. Board and he simply said not needed, they could read the minutes. Also did not know that the Rec. Board submits a budget to the city as he wanted to know what they spent their money on. Ald. Mueller and Sapienza stated they would alternate and attend the Rec. Meetings.

This was a 2 hour plus min. meeting.  There is so much to cover that I think this will become the norm. If they continue to have the Committee as Whole meetings prior to council meetings, I can't even imagine what they will discuss because most aldermen will already know whats been taking place. I still can't believe they are going to try and run this city on 2 committees


Friday, July 18, 2014

Is This What is Meant by Abuse of Executive Power?

Committee Structure in Peru today:
Accounts and Finance:Potthoff and Radke
Public Works(electric, water, street & sewer): Waldorf & Lukosus
Public Property and Recreation, buildings and grounds : Perez & Mueller
Public Health and Safety:(police, fire, esda and ambulance) Ferrari & Sapienza

Next week, the last 2 committees will be eliminated and the aldermen taken into the remaining committees.

Here is a little history of Peru and the aldermanic committees. Prior to the tenure of Mayor Harl, there were as a rule 3 aldermen per committee.  After Harl had been in office for 2 years, he decided to reduce the size of all committees to 2 which did not make sense because then if the 2 aldermen did not agree, the mayor said to send to the city council for a vote. Now if all goes as planned he will make 2 committees (the first 2 listed) and put 4 aldermen on each plus the Mayor who will also be on each committee.
What happens to the problems that were being worked upon by the 2 disappearing committees will be anyones guess.  At first glance, it appears to be a matter of control by the mayor.
We are not as a city working well at all and this certainly is not going to improve what takes place.
For new readers, I will add that currently the Chief of Police is also co superintendent of Public Works and Jeff King, our Fire Chief is the other co superintendent of the department along with being building and zoning inspector and head of the fire department. They are also head of ESDA. The electric department is also without a department head and is supervised by both chiefs.

Of course we can always depend upon Chamlin engineering and TEST to be skilled in what they do.

In all my research, I have not been able to come up with a city that operates with 2 committees. The mayor is also a part of the Design and Review Committee, so he is definitely wearing the biggest hat. We the residents are not particularly thinking any of this is very good for the city as a whole. The city is composed of many areas of concern that will be neglected more than it is at present because there will be no oversight.  Giving the aldermen responsibility within the government of the city is why we elect them and now that responsibility will be lessened  Perhaps the people who opposed the reduction of aldermen might want to rethink their view.


Thursday, July 17, 2014

Country music festival gives locals the blues | WEEK News 25 - News, Sports, Weather - Peoria, Illinois | Top Stories

Country music festival gives locals the blues | WEEK News 25 - News, Sports, Weather - Peoria, Illinois | Top Stories

Sounds like this promoter is handling this in a very professional manner and something the residents of this city would appreciate regarding concerts at the airport.

Any event open to the public and particularly a #rock concert should have publicly announced rules and regulations. It is my understanding that at this time Peru does not ask any questions about type of concert, #rock bands and has no idea who the promoter is bringing in and asks no questions. The city and particularly the elected officials are counting on you not caring what happens in Peru.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Is Marijuana Going to Become The Golden Goose for the State of Illinois?

For so many years we have heard that marijuana is the #gateway drug to hard drugs and it is still illegal in the state of Illinois to use marijuana for recreational use. So the question is now "Will Peru become a part of the experiment of using medical marijuana?"

Two presentations have  been presented to the Peru City Council and one to the Princeton Economic Development Committee about building a #medical marijuana plant within their city. This is certainly not about jobs because it will only be about 25 to 30 and we do not know the level of skills that will be sought by either of the newly formed companies. What about the electric and water usage, can we supply it?

The city of Delavan has already annexed property to allow for the development of a MM facility.

Rockford Star news story on medical marijuana possibilities

Do you believe that this will be a wise choice for the Illinois Valley?

Monday, July 14, 2014

Rainbow Flower planted in Allen Park - The Times: Local

Rainbow Flower planted in Allen Park - The Times: Local

Fantastic idea for developing art in a park, congratulations Ottawa for encouraging this display and more.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Grand Illinois Trail


For those unfamiliar with the past history of the previously proposed bike path through Peru, this is a snippet of the trail as it was designed to go  through Peru. Those working on it never came up with the manner it would progress through Bureau County that I am aware of.  The part through Peru would have gone along Water Street and then up to Route 6.  Chamlin did draw up a $3000 map which is probably now just  history of an idea..

It was to be part of the #Grand Illinois Trail.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Yes I Do Read the Blog by Kristy

Since the people of #Peru have little going on in this city except for the usual #Concerts for a Cause at the airport which interests only a certain segment of our city, you are probably taking a vacation or traveling to one of our neighboring cities for entertainment.  If you are interested in the concerts, look elsewhere because I will not promote something that is so specialized in their nature that probably at least 85% of the people living here have no interest in them and many find them offensive.

What is disturbing about this is the letter posted by Kristy in which Ald. Dave Waldorf calls her attempts to get the truth a #"Witch Hunt". The public has a right to search and find any governmental information that takes place and for this information we all can foia this info and expect to receive it in a respectful manner. But Ald. Waldorf has never been respectful of anyone who questions him about his decisions or any decisions that reflect back upon his voting record. As far as I know he has never stood up for his ideas but simply followed the leader on the council but that simply tells me and many others he has no ideas and does not really research and look for the truth and apply that information to his votes.

Kristy you are not the first one to be attacked verbally by this alderman as I have for simply giving my opinion and a suggestion. Next  April is election time once again and if you want to make a difference in the third ward and the current aldermen are offensive to you, you will have an opportunity to replace one of them.    whoisadamil16.blogspot.com

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Hazards of Being a Bicyclist on North Peoria or Rte 251

This afternoon there was a bad accident on North Peoria St between a bicyclist and an auto. As expected the injury was to the person riding the bike and details are not available as to how it happened.
This road and 251 have been an accident waiting to happen for anyone riding a bicycle or walking. Others may remember this but I believe going back to the D. Baker administration there was talk of establishing some type of #bicycle/walking path  toward the Mall and do not remember any details. I hope the city reopens the possibility of establishing a path with signs telling how to reach and travel on it. We spent several thousand dollars for Chamlin to draw up a map for a #bike path within the city but don't believe a direct route toward the Mall area was ever mapped out.

#bicycle route
#bicycle car accidents

Peru City Aldermen Committee Members

Potthoff and Radke serve on Accounts and Finance.

Waldorf and Lukosus serve on Public Works.. Electric, water streets.

Ferrari and Sapienza serve on Public Health and Safety ( police, fire, esda, ambulance.

Perez and Mueller serve on Public property.. Covers buildings grounds and Recreation.