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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Harlem Ambassadors Fundraiser - City of Peru, Illinois 61354

Harlem Ambassadors Fundraiser - City of Peru, Illinois 61354

I was checking the city web site for Halloween information and found done but did find this activity taking place tomorrow here in Peru. Might be an entertaining afternoon. You must click on the link to bring up the information.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Starved Rock Country Alliance visits Galesburg incubator - The Times: Local

Starved Rock Country Alliance visits Galesburg incubator - The Times: Local

I hope someone else from the LP area was present beside Janko to see what can happen with cooperation and it must happen between the numerous local cities.

IDOT spends $143,000 on zombie-themed seat belt ad

IDOT spends $143,000 on zombie-themed seat belt ad

We are broke in Illinois and Idot is wasting money on useless filming.  The video is at the bottom of the article, you need to view to get the total impact of the craziness of this expenditure.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Please Share Your Sources for Reading Local News

Last couple of weeks have been very busy for us and this morning I was trying to catch up on local news and along with that I read the Births, Obits and Police Reports occasionally if I have time. From habit, I look online through WLPO, News Tribune and Ottawa Times as my sources and rarely to the BCR.

Much to my amazement today, almost all of the police reports were about Ottawa and a couple of La Salle, Marseilles, Spring Valley and Depue. None that I saw from Peru. A little from the county and the state law enforcement.

So either the local paper is skewing the news or we really do live in the city of milk and honey. Perhaps all the real news is only put in the published paper and if you don't subscribe, tough luck.

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Reading Between the News of the Peru City Council Meeting Last Night

This heading is a starter and will be filled in as the news filters thru the Illinois Valley. Little was locally reported in the morning after news sources today.

Everyone knows that Public Comment in Peru has definite rules and among the first is that if you wish to make a Public Comment at the beginning of the City Council Mtg, you must fill out a 3 x 5 card with name, address and topic written clearly on it. Of course if you are the mayor and have favored friends, you don't have to follow the rules enacted by the City Council. Early in the mtg the person who set up the BB gun program in Peru was asked if he wished to make a comment. We were then told that the mayor has the discretion to break the rules that we all have to follow that is first submitting the 3 x 5 card. Mayor Harl it might be a good idea to set a good example and follow the same rules the rest of the city residents must follow. Just looks like you are playing favorites and I am sure you don't want the residents to think that, do you?

I just attempted to listen to the video of the city council meeting from 9/8//14 and it is so annoying to have speakers not press the button on their mike so it can be heard. First it was the mayor who had to repeat his comment and now it is the city atty. If these microphones are too complicated for our officials, please invest in something simpler in nature.

This issue of relatives working for the city is and has been an issue with the majority of the people living in Peru for a long time and as long as we have the type of government of Mayor-city Council here in Peru, this issue will not go away because it becomes a buddy system. In other words, Ald. A has a son, daughter, nephew or neighbor etc that he would like to impress and he mentions it to whomever oks the hiring and he will be favored over your children or mine. In return The other 7 aldermen and other officials give an unofficial OK by not saying anything against this policy knowing they might want to take advantage of it at another time.
Until the people of this city are ready to take the bull by the horns and insist upon professional management, this will not

The ottawa Times has had several good articles lately. One was about the mayors of LaSalle county working on regional and state issues together and specifically mentioned was the Mayor of Ottawa and of Streator, along with Mayor Harl of Peru.
Today I read about a very extensive bicycling venture the city of Streator is attempting to get underway. Both I don't believe were covered by our local paper but if they were feel free to correct my comment. They don't allow non subscribers to read online but Ottawa does, so that is what I read.


Saturday, October 04, 2014

U.S. recovery jumps forward, Illinois falls back 03 Oct 2014 | Michael Lucci -

Illinois’ recovery has been dramatically slower than the national recovery, which itself has been unimpressive. Even though a record number of Americans are now out of the workforce, the U.S. recovery has left Illinois in the rearview mirror.
Without serious economic reform, Illinois likely has several years to go before the number of people working matches the count of January 2008 – nearly seven years ago.
The number of people working is one measure of recovery. Another measure of recovery the monthly BLS report captures is the number of payroll jobs.
U.S. nonfarm payrolls added 248,000 jobs in September, against consensus expectations of 215,000. This was a strong month for payroll jobs, and propels the U.S. recovery far beyond the Illinois recovery.
For the U.S. as a whole, the number of jobs lost during the recession has been regained, according to BLS’s business establishment survey. The U.S. has 1 million more jobs today than in January 2008, the pre-recession peak.
Illinois, on the other hand, is far from recovery by this measure as well. The Prairie State is still down 157,000 jobs from pre-recession levels, the biggest jobs gap in the entire country. At the current pace of job creation, Illinois is still several years from recovery.
- See more at: http://www.illinoispolicy.org/u-s-recovery-jumps-forward-illinois-falls-back/#sthash.aF3RIFrx.dpuf

Entire article can be seen at http://www.illinoispolicy.org/u-s-recovery-jumps-forward-illinois-falls-back/

Friday, October 03, 2014

Homecoming Parade with LP Band

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Peru Finance and Safety Meeting October 1

TIME: 4:00 P.M
Approve new fiber customer 5 year contract $275.00 per month-Bernabei/Bartley
Approve donation to Illinois Valley Animal Rescue
Discuss Building Permit Report reporting

Friday, September 19, 2014

MIsuse of Committee of a Whole Mieetings

The committees of a whole were not designed specifically to be used as a forum to go into closed session but more or less meant to be an informal meeting of the council. Numerous cities use them but in a more open and productive manner than Peru is currently doing. At times on a special occasion  a closed session in a committee of the whole can be needed but certainly not like Peru is using them.

I have done online research of other localities and many cities use them productively. If the government knows that a closed session is needed to discuss a topic with all of the aldermen, than schedule one either before or after the regular city council.  What is being done at present is nothing more than a slap in the face to the residents and certainly discourages them from attending any of the meetings for that night. Many cities have a statement on their web site giving the mission of a closed meeting session, we do not.  I decided to check the minutes of the many committee meetings of a whole that Peru has held since they were formed early this year.  Online there are minutes for 2 meetings, that is all, altho we all know that there have been many more.

Interested parties might like to check the agenda for Monday's meeting.  It looks like the co supers of Public Works will now be getting additional compensation.  I recently asked about the number of people who had applied to be Director of Public Utilities for Peru and I was told, only 4 and of those there was 1 phone interview and it sounded like they were not interested in that person for the position.  You know now that the city will not be hiring the position of Director of Public Works also know as the Director of Public Utilities and thus the additional compensation for the Police Chief and Fire Chief.. Is the bookkeeper a replacement for Heidi? Also the hire of a Financial Officer will be announced and I predict he will be local and well known to the council and mayor.  On this I would be happy to hear, you are wrong.

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