“It doesn’t take a majority to win, just a tireless minority that will keep starting brush fires in the mind and hearts of their fellow men.”

Samuel Adams

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I Will Not............

I just deleted a post because it was a vote for ___________slogan. You can say I am voting for but no vote for slogans. Take an ad out in the local news if that is what you wish to express to people. All this will get old and tiresome quick so if you have a comment, never mind the nice guy bit, just tell us how things will change for the better if elected.

It may surprise many of you that because Peru is a small town with not much to do, gossip is a pretty important activity to many and by word of mouth we all know who eats lunch with who and who is asked to come into the back room for a few words of advice. We are also are aware of political connections so don't tell us it "ain't" so.  We have huge problems in Peru that those in power now are ignoring or doing only for the benefit of a few. More appointed positions and fewer hands working in important departments, these are issues in Peru. Feel free to add what you believe are problems to be solved.

From what I have read online, yes on FB where the young and younger tend to get together, I have read little that would encourage me to believe they would patronize the type of entertainment theater being considered for Peru. The salaries for most jobs in town don't have entertainment built into their budgets.  Families will not be their customers and neither will the Seniors. We have not been to a movie theater more than once since the Majestic in LaSalle closed down and don't find that I am missing anything. Most people in my age bracket are not interested and that seems to be the predominate group still residing in Peru.  It's all about demographics!  Surprisingly most readers of the blog are in the 18  to 35 age bracket.

One more point, there is also a contest in the Third Ward.

Monday, January 26, 2015

New Business Right in the Center of Downtown Peru

Recently there was a write up in the Ottawa Times about new businesses opening up in Ottawa and Peru.

The one in Peru will be at 1801 Fourth Street, the location long ago of Kunkel Drugs. It will be a lounge for using E cigarettes and supposedly there is a picture on the window. Is this what downtown Peru is going to become? The only draw will be for people who will be buying and using a product which has not been proven to be safe.  In fact more and more research is showing it is just the opposite with the by products of nicotine and formaldahyde.  The excuse is used that it will prevent people from continuing the use of commerical cigarettes. IMO, it is replacing one addiction for another.

Personally I am finding the scattering of gambling rooms and now a E cigarette smoking lounge to be a total turnoff to people with families with children of all ages.  I know this is not possible but some foresight with not allowing a scattering of these businesses all over town with short and long range planning goals would have been the right thing for the city to do.
Many of us were happy when the Smoking Shop left and now we just have another version of it. Are we still a family friendly town or not?

Is this one of the new businesses that came from the Route 6 Tourist Assn that is being promoted by Economic Director Bob Vickery?

Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Next Hiree Needs To Be a Staff Psychologist

Or at the very least someone to hold Anger Management Classes.

Yesterday a friend and I went to the Finance Mtg at Peru City Hall.  The committee is chaired by Ald. Dave Potthoff and members are Ald. Ferrari, Ald. Perez, Mayor Scott Harl and Ald. Mike Radtke (absent). Other aldermen present were Sapienza and Mueller, Public Service department managers, Dave Bartley City Clerk and Engineer Eric Carls, Finance Justin Mueller.

I personally have been going to Finance meetings for many years and previously Ald. Mikyska, Ald. Mertel and Ald. Ankiewicz were on the committee.  Looking back I don't ever remember them being so totally rude and out of control. No matter where I saw Ald. Mikyska he was friendly and pleasant not that we did not have disagreements but he was always a gentleman. Ald. Ankiewicz had his moments but on the whole, he would always greet anyone coming to a mtg and maintain his composure while talking to you but he was not without a few snarky comments made with a smile on his face.  Mayor Harl was there sometimes and sometimes not.

Yesterday, the meeting started out being a bit tense. I did not speak to anyone when I got there and neither did my friend. Early on in the mtg, Ald. Potthoff had a list of expenses submitted by Ald. Perez for an overnight trip he made to Wisconsin to look into what the sand transportation business was and how it was affecting communities in the area.  Evidently he had discussed possible reimbursement by the city for his expenses and he was told by the City Clerk to submit them and see what happens.  The first comment by Ald. Potthoff was "so aldermen now have expense accounts?" The tone in his voice was very derisive. Suddenly we have Ald. Sapienza making fun of Ald. Perez telling him that he went to Chillicother IL and Michigan to see a Splash Pad and was not reimbursed. He looked very angry.
And he looked over at me and said something to the effect that he supposed I would be writing this up on the blog. Angry, Angry. No one at the table told him to not treat a public citizen in this way as I had said nothing to provoke him. At this point I said it was not necessary to yell at me as I was not a member of this committee. Should I have reminded him that the meeting was open to the public?

Ald. Perez said fine no need to submit to the council because it was not necessary.  I am betting it will be submitted to council so there can be a further discussion on something just to bring something Ald. Perez had done and all of the naysayers can jump in once again.

A closed session had been scheduled for this committee but Ald. Potthoff said but he said it would not be necessary. For the first time Mayor Harl who had not spoken during the meeting but had been looking at pages of material he had in a packet, said he had written down somethings he wanted to discuss in closed session.

This city has become one closed session.  Be sure to check the agenda for Monday''s council meeting which will probably be preceeded by a closed sessions Committee of a Whole meeting.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Video Coverage of Peru City Council Meeting

The video recording of the Peru City Council is available for viewing for the January 12, 2015 meeting.

I watched last night and believe it should be watched by all Peru residents. You will find many spots in the video where you hear "nothing" and this needs to be corrected as it is very annoying to those of you watching. Personally I would place the podium back to the side as it is not in a good position and again the audio from this location fades out at times. The council needs to be aware that the speaker is also speaking to those watching a video and it previously served that purpose at the side.

The Mayor states that he received questions through the Ask the Mayor on the city web site where we are supposed to be able to send emails to selected elected and appointed individuals. I personally know this has been unavailable for most of the past month. This is about Ald. Perez and he said that the mayor had had 2 questions come to him between Jan. 10 the Saturday on which the "Fun Day" hosted by Ald. Perez and Monday Jan. 12. which is over a weekend, that came thru the email system. How could they send emails when it doesn't work for the rest of us. ????  Why was the council so quiet until prodded further by the Mayor?

Second listen closely to the city council conversation about the Administrator or City Manager.

Think seriously about what we need to manage this city.  He or she needs to be able to operate in cooperation with all elected officials but to be given the authority to run this city.  In this day and age we can no longer depend upon whomever is elected by the public because the qualifications are not always present in those individuals to run the cities in the modern world.  I believe the video was only enforce this.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Public Service Meeting Was Held on a Legal Holiday MLK Birthday Yesterday

(5 ILCS 120/2.01) (from Ch. 102, par. 42.01) Sec. 2.01. All meetings required by this Act to be public shall be held at specified times and places which are convenient and open to the public. No meeting required by this Act to be public shall be held on a legal holiday unless the regular meeting day falls on that holiday.

Public Service does always meet on Monday but not always at the same time and not on a regularly scheduled basis.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Welcome to the Unified Fire Authority

Welcome to the Unified Fire Authority

Only for information as this is located in the state of Utah. I found it interesting that the fire departments within a certain range have become the Unified Fire Authority and the Police Departments have become the Unified Police.   Maybe this is the way the future will look and maybe not. No criticism, this is only something you might find interesting.


Friday, January 16, 2015

Peru chief: No campaign crime on Perez' 'fun day' - LaSalle News Tribune - LaSalle, IL

Peru chief: No campaign crime on Perez' 'fun day' - LaSalle News Tribune - LaSalle, IL

The Peru Recreation Board does not handle requests for park use. Most of their involvement is regarding girls and boys summer baseball, Halloween and Christmas treats after the Parade, soccer games at Baker Lake and Handicrafts in the summer at Washington Park.

Shelter requests are handled thru the PPD. Other park uses are approved or disapproved by the City Council. Since Ald. Perez is a member of the Council and he invited the mayor and members of the council to attend as well as inviting the members of the Rec. Bd. to come also.  Common courtesy toward a fellow member would have been to remind Ald. Perez to go thru the council if the mayor felt it was so important to do so.
So in reality this was all about trying to make Ald. Perez look bad. The effort failed and  all of those who requested the investigation look like "gotcha" people. It was waste of PPD Chief Bernabei's time to write up the reason there was no problem. In reality the poor judgement was shown by Mayor Harl and whomever encouraged this to be done.

If only the city was so conscientious about going out for bids for purchases, contractors hired and creating an open and honest environment for all who live here. The city has become a very hostile environment unless you are on the fav list.


Donors alone keep rural EMT service afloat for 40 years - LaSalle News Tribune - LaSalle, IL

Donors alone keep rural EMT service afloat for 40 years - LaSalle News Tribune - LaSalle, IL

Not in Peru but a story of community effort that is worth passing along.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Watch This Possibility Closely Administrator or Manager

1. What is the difference between a City Manager and a City Administrator?
A municipality’s charter describes the duties of the city manager or city administrator and,
consequently, the differences between these two positions can vary from one city to the
next. Generally speaking, however, a City Administrator is a mayoral assistant whose duties
are defined from time to time by the Mayor and Board. Under a city administrator for of
government, the mayor usually retains the duties of CEO for the city and the mayor
oversees the work of the city administrator. In contrast, the mayor’s role in a city manager
form of government is largely a ceremonial one – with the city manager answering directly
to the city council.
# city manager
# city administrator
# weak mayor
# strong mayor

Taken from:

PDF]General Information Concerning City Managers and ... - MTA


A family fun day comes under investigation

A family fun day comes under investigation

People have questions to ask our mayor about the last election in the fourth ward, since he seems to be concerned about honest elections or is it only
when it concerns 2nd Ward Alderman Perez. Really concerned about using the concession stand that is in poor condition and the Rec. Bd. would like to replace and electricity, how much to keep hot dogs warm and make hot cocoa?  There is no heat in the bldg and I have to admire those who worked all that time.  What about the light in city hall and in the Public Works bldg on Peoria St.? How about the $2000 Christmas tree and ornaments to decorate the interior of city hall? How much electricity did it take for the tree the couple of weeks it was up?

By the way it was said that Ald. Sapienza with the help of our city clerk ordered the tree but who said to do so?. The dollar amount was found on the Disbursement sheet but it was never discussed according to all minutes.  Who gave the OK to buy and install special electric connections? Was it the mayor?

As to a City Manager, it would end up being one chosen by the current council and current mayor, any thoughts about it? Like we need a clone of what we already have.

This is all so petty, I have a hard time thinking people we elected to administer this city would have nothing better to do than to come down on a popularly elected alderman, unless the mayor is really concerned the alderman might be on his way to winning a second term.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Alderman Perez Threatened with Misdemeanor Charges for Fun Day

Several of the Peru aldermen are seeking to have Alderman Perez with a misdemeanor charges against for his Winter Fun Day. Have they lost their mind?

Peru City Council is seeking misdemeanor charges against Rodney Perez because they are saying this fourth Winter Family Fun Day Rodney put on this past weekend was some campaign fraud by Rodney. So they are having law enforcement look into charges against him. 

Sand plant and movie theater among big projects planned for Peru in 2015

Sand plant and movie theater among big projects planned for Peru in 2015