“It doesn’t take a majority to win, just a tireless minority that will keep starting brush fires in the mind and hearts of their fellow men.”

Samuel Adams

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Splash Pad Issue Seems to be Bigger Than Necessary

Can we build a splashpad for about $250,000 or as the mayor suggests a much larger amount of money would be necessary. Considering a change of location since the grant was applied for, it seems logical to think that would no longer be in play. If the DNR would not give us one with the original plan that did not have enough activities to fit their specifications of need, how can we believe that we still would  be able to put that money into our new plans. It seems that I am hearing figures of up to $700,000.

The "truck complex" for city vehicles is now up to 4 million.??

Are trucks that much more important than our cities children? I guess that depends upon who is making that decision.

A simple splashpad with the money now in place and planning being done should be ready a year from now.

Do you think our city workers should be doing the actual work on the splashpad or should we have professionals who have done many of them be doing the planning and the putting together?

Monday, July 11, 2016

Pedal to the Park (Wenona)

Pedal to the Park 
So much activity in the Illinois Valley even Wenona, so I am posting this small event just because they are trying.

Saturday, July 09, 2016

Core Municipal Values

Excellence and quality in the delivery of services

Fiscal Responsibility

Ethics and Integrity

Respecting residents as owners

Open & Honest Communications


Visionary leadership and planning

I came across this list in another Midwestern city and it sounded like something we would envision for our city.

Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Donation for a Peru Splash Pad is a Reality A Large Donation

Friends have informed me that at the Town Forum held this eveing an announcement was made that former Peru resident and Major League Baseball Player J.A. Happ will be donating $100,000 for a baseball themed splash pad to be located in the Washington School space.

This is such good news for the residents of this city. It will be landscaped so that adults will also be able to use the land not occupied by a splash pad. Hopefully a lovely green space that will fit in with the residential areas around it.

Monday, July 04, 2016

Happy Fourth of July Friends, Family and Fireworks

For many of you July 4 is a big family event and for others it is just trying to get away from  the excess noise coming from people who abuse the day with very loud noise disturbing kids, pets and ptsd people.

At last a new location in Peru, a different fireworks company and what's you opinion? Will we want to improve upon this location and continue on or return to Water Street when it is possible or find another way to celebrate July 4 and just watch the communities who seem to have a long and successful history of celebrating the whole day.

I did not see them but did appreciate not having to deal with the loudness of Water Street, but that is only me. Not to say we did not have a neighborhood full of amateur fireworks taking place and eventually very well controlled by the PPD.

FB has been discussing this much of the morning pro and con but mostly con.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Hours away from another budget-less fiscal year, Gov Rauner repeats goals

Hours away from another budget-less fiscal year, Gov Rauner repeats goals

Is Peru with our Lobbyist helping the stalemate as the Democrats including our Mayor Harl and Lobbyist McAnarney fundraising with Madigan. Co conspiraters actually hurting the entire state.

Seems that 3 of the 4 yes votes are total yes men to the Mayor. Figure it out yourselves.

Peru mayor breaks split vote to keep lobbyist - LaSalle News Tribune - LaSalle, IL

Peru mayor breaks split vote to keep lobbyist - LaSalle News Tribune - LaSalle, IL

Monday, June 27, 2016

Current Legislative Lobbyist Report January 0 May 2016

TO:                  Scott Harl
                        City of Peru, Illinois

FROM:             Tim McAnarney
                        McAnarney Consulting

DATE:              June 23, 2016

SUBJECT:        Legislative Report for January - May, 2016

Despite the Legislature’s failure to reach a budget agreement, over 400 bills were passed and many of these have an impact on Peru.  A lot of my time is spent meeting with Legislators and staff of both the Governor’s office and Legislative Branches.  Since my office is located by the Capitol and I live in Springfield, all year I have a great relationship with many of the government employees who actually try to keep our system working.  These contacts enable me to inform Mayor Harl of what is happening and allows me to immediately arrange for meetings that Peru requests.

On January 6, I contacted the Lieutenant Governor’s point person on consolidation.  Brian Costin and I went over the Consolidation Report he helped write and set up a later meeting with Mayor Harl.

On January 8, I met with Senate President John Cullerton’s Chief-of-Staff, Dave Gross, to go over Peru’s agenda.  Specifically, I stressed the need for local government distributive fund to be kept intact and given to Peru.  We also talked about pensions, grants that were being withheld by the Governor’s office, and our enterprise zone application.

On January 13, Mayor Harl and I had a long meeting with the Lieutenant Governor’s office (Brian Costin) on the specifics of some consolidation between Peru and the Township, and received some suggestions on how to proceed,.  Mayor Harl emphasized that if the Peru City Council and Township officials agreed, we believed over $100,000 a year could be saved.  He said he would help us in our effort.

On January 26, Mayor Harl and I met in Springfield to discuss the solar panel situation at the Airport.  I agreed to ask U.S. Senator Durbin for his help.  On February 3, I met again with U.S. Senator Durbin’s office and they informed me that the FAA indicated that the height of the building and the reflexivity of panels are okay.

On January 28, I met with IML officials to go over our legislative agenda.

I attended every Legislative Session in January (January 11, 13, 14, 15, 20, 22, 26, 27, 28).  I also did a political talk show in Springfield (WFMB) where I discussed the Springfield political scene.

On February 5, I also was a guest political commentator on CBS (Champaign, Springfield, Decatur market).  This exposure allows me to talk about government and politics and give me the opportunity to discuss issues important for our future requests.  (The politicos watch these shows.)

On February 8, I met with Representative Jay Hoffman, who had successfully passed legislation to consolidate Belleville Township and the City.  He said if Peru wanted to do the same that he would help.

On February 9, I met with IDOT Secretary Randy Blankenhorn to discuss Peru’s requests.

On February 12, I again was a political commentator on CBS TV (Champaign).

On February 18, I had dinner with IDOT Secretary Randy Blankenhorn and Assistant Secretary Rich Brauer.  Again we talked about our future TIGER Grant request.

On February 18, I met with IEPA officials (at Mayor Harl’s request) to get clearance for cattle to graze on the landfill.  On February 19, IEPA informed me they would approve if the final closing permit was filed.

On February 24, I met with Mayor Harl in Springfield and we discussed the IML’s inclusion of some “turn around” agenda ideas they were supporting, which many Legislators do not.  We have to be careful.

On February 29, I met with lobbyists for the cities of Rockford, Aurora, Elgin and East St. Louis to discuss a joint lobbying effort on the tax credits and enterprise zones.  There are 14 tax credits expiring in June and these are valuable tools cities need to help attract business.

In February I attended every Legislative Session (February 1, 5, 8, 10, 11, 16, 17).

On March 3, I met with the Governor’s Budget Director, Tim Nuding, to talk about enterprise zone applications, tax credits and grants that still were not funded.  I also stressed the City’s need for LGDF funding.

On March 11, I did another CBS TV political talk show.

On March 15, the Primary election was held.  There were two major battles and over $9 million was spent on just two races.  Governor Rauner lost both of these contested races.  It was an intense election night.  CBS (Champaign) broadcast statewide (Champaign, Peoria, Rockford, Rock Island, etc.) all night from my office.  Many Legislators, staff from the Executive and Legislative Branches were at my office all night and a lot of good discussion and ideas were exchanged.

On March 18, Bob Vicery asked me to help a local business get its liquor license.  I was able to get it done.

On March 19, I met with the Department of Natural Resources staff regarding their letter on our $250,000 grant being held.  It is still there.

On March 21, I met with staff and Legislators on our request for support on S.B. 3019.  This bill would make all local, non-general revenue funds subject to automatic appropriation authority – very important for Peru.  (This bill is still in Committee.)

On March 23, I met with Illinois Municipal Electric Association executives regarding Peru’s electric cap on industries.  I also met with Illinois Manufacturers Association executives on this matter with Mayor Harl and we agreed on how the City would proceed.  (We have to be mindful that there are some who want to pass legislation to eliminate non-competition for municipal utilities.)

On March 28, I met with Wal-Mart executives to request money for Peru’s TBM Avenger Reunion.  They told me there was not time to arrange for this year, but call earlier next year.

On March 31, Mayor Harl and I lobbied S.B. 2241 (limit fees that a land management company can charge for access to railroad right-of-way).  This effects Northern partners.  We met with staff and bill sponsors

I attended all Legislative Sessions (March 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 10, 16, 17, 18).

On April 7, I met staff and Legislators to lobby S.B. 0571, which would extend to three year (now two) the starting date our enterprise could begin the renewal process and also shall become effective on date of certification.  (This directly impacts Peru’s zone.)

On April 11, I met with Bill Houlihan, U.S. Senator Durbin’s Chief-of-Staff, for update on our request for the Army Reserve Building.  He said they are still working with U.S. Department of Defense.

On April 12, S.B. 2241 passed the Senate,

On April 14, S.B. 0571 passed the Senate.

On April 14, I attended the House Revenue Hearing on tax credits.  Bills were sent to Subcommittee.

On April 26, I met with U.S. Senator Durbin’s Chief-of-Staff, Bill Houlihan, to lobby for our TIGER grant.  He promised the Senator would push hard for us.

In April, I attended every Legislative Session and Committees (April 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 12, 13, 14, 15, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22).

On May 2, Mayor Harl asked me to check on the legality of Peru tearing down the old city Public Works building for Dollar General.  On May 3, I met with Peggy Snyder, Legislative Liaison for Illinois Department of Historic Preservation.  She said she would get the approval done in a few weeks.

May 4 was the IML Lobby Day and Mayor Harl and I met with Legislators and staff.  We had another meeting in the Lieutenant Governor’s office on consolidation.  We also met with Representatives Skoog and Hoffman on S.B. 2241 (railroad crossing fee).

On May 5, Mayor Harl and I attended House Revenue Committee Hearing on S.B. 0571 (enterprise zone effective date).  Mayor Harl sat at the witness table.  This bill was again sent to Subcommittee.  We lobbied the Legislators after the Hearing.  We were promised it would get called again.

On May 7, I attended U.S. Senator Durbin’s fundraiser and again thanked him for his efforts on securing the Army Reserve Building and for his help on our IDOT TIGER grant request.

On May 9, Mayor Harl and I attended Speaker Madigan’s fundraiser in Springfield and met with many Legislators and staff.

On May 10, I had a follow-up meeting with Bill Houlihan of U.S. Senator Durbin’s office and gave him a formal copy of our TIGER grant application.

On May 12, I attended the House Revenue Committee and our bills were sent back to Subcommittee again.

On May 18, Mayor Harl, Representative Skoog and I attended the Revenue Committee, again with the same result.  We then met with some other City lobbyists about a fallback plan for Peru’s Enterprise Zone if the bill failed to pass.  But we were hopeful of success, so we kept “Plan B” quiet.

I also met with Assistant Secretary of Transportation, Rich Brauer, and personally gave him our TIGER grant application.

On May 26, the House Revenue Committee finally passed S.B. 2241.  On May 29 it passed the House and on May 31 it passed the Senate.

On May 29, House Revenue passed S.B. 0571.  On May 30 the House passed it and on May 31 the Senate concurred.  Great victories for Peru.

I attended every Legislative Session in May (May 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 11, 12, 13, 17, n18, 19, 20, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 30, 31).

News Commentary Last Year After the Lobbyist CC Vote

Saturday, June 25, 2016

On the Agenda for Monday June 27, 2016 Lobbyist Renewal Contract

Committee Reports

!.  Finance and Safety Services Chairman Potthoff, Ferrari, Radtke, Payton  Mayor Harl

On the agenda for Monday June 27 is the following: Motion to renew 1 year contract with lobbyist Tim McArney for $2000 per month.

This is coming up a bit earlier on the calendar year than last year when it was questioned by residents as to why the city the size of Peru needed a lobbyist

We just had wonderful volunteers clean up our city  but what if the volunteers had not donated  their time, would Peru have left the dirty, weed infested areas as is because we did not have the extra money to properly do the work on our own or perhaps not enough personal to do the job that was needed to make the city look clean.

This is all about using your tax dollars wisely and not for personal needs or wants.

I will be adding to this post later when I have a minute.

Meeting minutes from last July.
 Alderman Radtke made a motion to renew 1 year contract with lobbyist Tim McAnarney for $2,000 per month. Alderman Lukosus seconded the motion. Alderman Payton reported that he spoke to Mr. McAnarney personally and asked why we should retain him and that he supports the continued support. Alderman Radtke stated that he supports Mr. McAnarney based on feedback for Peru from staff members including City Engineer Eric Carls. Alderman Potthoff noted his issue with paying money to someone else to listen to our views. Alderman Ferrari stated we have elected legislators to represent us. Alderman Sapienza supports the contract based on the size of our budget. Mayor Harl stated the consultant gets the City in front of people we would never get in front of. Mayor Harl stated he has queried other mayors at a recent IMEA meeting and they confirmed current state economic conditions require extra effort in order to make contact with decision makers. Mayor Harl invited members of the Council to visit Springfield and meet with Mr. McAnarney. City Clerk Dave Bartley called the roll with Aldermen Lukosus, Radtke, Sapienza and Payton voting aye; Aldermen Potthoff, Ferrari and Mueller voting nay; Alderman Waldorf absent; motion carried.

Curious as to whether the aldermen have changed their minds with the encouragement of the mayor or not. I would believe the yes votes from last year are still in the mayors camp.

This is a link to a posting on this blog from LAST YEAR on the lobbyist.