“It doesn’t take a majority to win, just a tireless minority that will keep starting brush fires in the mind and hearts of their fellow men.”

Samuel Adams

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Princeton finds its new city manager - LaSalle News Tribune - LaSalle, IL

Princeton finds its new city manager - LaSalle News Tribune - LaSalle, IL

Great news for Princeton, a local area native to be the new City Manager.  I am sure many will be watching how this develops. Peru Town Forum wishes her the best in her new job.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Illinois Puts Many Cities Into a Diffiult Position

IDES says the largest gains came in government and leisure/hospitality, with gains of 175 and 125, respectively, while manufacturing jobs declined by 175, as did professional and business services. *Read the article in the New Tribune*

So fewer manufacturing jobs in the Illinois Valley and an increase in the "corn dog" businesses, what does this mean for the city that is putting many of our taxpayer dollars into salaries of individuals that are supposed to be bringing business to Peru. Do they mean more retail?

Is this more money spent on something that won't materialize into more new well paying jobs?

Should the city be putting more money into the regional effort which Peru is contemplating but has not joined.


All cities are in a difficult position as the state of Illinois has become one of the least desirable states for a manufacturing business to locate. For this reason many are moving across our borders to the west, north, south and east.

The long awaited banners are now up and are they good advertising or a waste of money? Notice the Peru logo is at the top but they are supposed to be advertising  Route 6 by that independent Association and businesses located on that historic highway.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Public Comment in Peru Is Now On Facebook

Social media is not only a means of communication on the national scene, it is now down to the local level and lately it has been all about Peru. How important is this? For many this is how they get the news locally and worldwide and this is not an exaggeration.  Listen to TV what commentators are saying "tweet me @ such and such" or go to my FB page.  The message gets out there much faster than newsprint and so many  popular commentators and local organizations, cities and personalities are now active on these venues.

Now back to Peru.  Last week it was the controversy about the parade in the Mendota Sweet Corn Festival. R. Perez was taking the Operation Promise damaged vehicle on a float to promote the safety aspect of the Peru Fire Department and their support of OP. Initially he was told he could use a pickup from the fire department, no problem he is a volunteer fireman. Wait Mayor Harl stated he wanted to use that truck to pull the new Peru float, but wait the mayor is not a member of the PFD and technically he should not have been allowed to use the truck which might have been actually driven by a non fire dept member, but actually an elected alderman.  Social media covered this extensively on the local level.

People thought well the parade is done and both the Peru float and the OP float were in the parade and lets continue on with business. Within the last few days, R. Perez received a letter from the PFD Chief Jeff King that the Volunteer position of Public Information Officer for the Peru Fire Department has been eliminated. Do I or anyone else out their believe that King decided on his own to do this? Hell no, this has someone elses fingerprints all over it and he was just the front man. Anyone that knows the chief also knows that. This aspect has been covered more thoroughly on Facebook than any newspaper could do and instantly and  everyone within hundreds of miles from here, current and former residents are offering their opinion.

My point in making this post is this.  Doesn't anyone who is in a position of authority have any idea of what this is doing to the City of Peru? Actions like this just give those who dislike the city and the people who have been elected to serve and also those who have been appointed by them look really bad, like autocrats serving their own purposes and  not the residents of this city. Peru aldermen and other officials like to blame this blog for the bad opinions many have but it is way beyond this blog currently, the city through their actions have done it on their own.  It is time someone who knows how to handle the city takes the reins and btw who is in charge of Public Relations and who makes current frequent and honest press releases to  explain to the taxpayers what and why impromptu decisions had to be made and make it honest.

This was not a planned blog post but something that needs to be said and I am sure I will take heat for this also.


Thursday, August 20, 2015

What Is Operation Promise and Why It Came Into Existence?

 Developed in 2009 by Rodney Perez, a former Peru alderman

This is a non for profit group comprised of colunteers with a mission to open eyes and to save lives by:

Bringing attention to the consequences of irresponsible choices

Promoting accountability for all choices we make and actions we take and providing alternatives to counteract the peer pressures teens and families face.

This program was initially part of the Peru Liberty Fire Dept and that is a long article by itself. Perez as you may have read is the Education firefighter of the Peru Fire Department. So many changes have taken place in the department due to changes put forth by the city under  the direction of Mayor Scott Harl and due to personality issues within the city, that  caused Operation Promise to separate from the fire department and because a NFP, although still supported the Peru Fire Chief.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Peru C.S.O. Picnic - By it support

Peru C.S.O. Picnic - By it support

This is the advertisement on 815 Life and it differs in detail from the Rodders one. Let this settle the issue about city being involved as you can see it is not from what i read on this ad.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Elected officials sometimes take pains to conceal aspects of their illnesses

Elected officials sometimes take pains to conceal aspects 

of their illnesses

"Craig Holman, an ethics expert at Public Citizen, a watchdog group in Washington, said he believes there was no need for Kirk to use a fake name. He said that once a person becomes a public official, much about their lives becomes of public interest, including their health."

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

2011 income tax hike drove wealthier Illinoisans to other states

2011 income tax hike drove wealthier Illinoisans to other states

The silent exodus of money from the state. I had asked a retiring department head  the city of Peru why he was moving out of state after he took his retirement.  He had a simple one word answer. TAXES.

Thousands of unknowns to Peru are leaving and the remaining have to pay the bills which are getting bigger and bigger. Peru city taxes are low but they are not the only components of your bill. There is a bill before our legislature to freeze property taxes for 2015-16 but not likely to pass due to other attachments.