“It doesn’t take a majority to win, just a tireless minority that will keep starting brush fires in the mind and hearts of their fellow men.”

Samuel Adams

Friday, September 19, 2014

MIsuse of Committee of a Whole Mieetings

The committees of a whole were not designed specifically to be used as a forum to go into closed session but more or less meant to be an informal meeting of the council. Numerous cities use them but in a more open and productive manner than Peru is currently doing. At times on a special occasion  a closed session in a committee of the whole can be needed but certainly not like Peru is using them.

I have done online research of other localities and many cities use them productively. If the government knows that a closed session is needed to discuss a topic with all of the aldermen, than schedule one either before or after the regular city council.  What is being done at present is nothing more than a slap in the face to the residents and certainly discourages them from attending any of the meetings for that night. Many cities have a statement on their web site giving the mission of a closed meeting session, we do not.  I decided to check the minutes of the many committee meetings of a whole that Peru has held since they were formed early this year.  Online there are minutes for 2 meetings, that is all, altho we all know that there have been many more.

Interested parties might like to check the agenda for Monday's meeting.  It looks like the co supers of Public Works will now be getting additional compensation.  I recently asked about the number of people who had applied to be Director of Public Utilities for Peru and I was told, only 4 and of those there was 1 phone interview and it sounded like they were not interested in that person for the position.  You know now that the city will not be hiring the position of Director of Public Works also know as the Director of Public Utilities and thus the additional compensation for the Police Chief and Fire Chief.. Is the bookkeeper a replacement for Heidi? Also the hire of a Financial Officer will be announced and I predict he will be local and well known to the council and mayor.  On this I would be happy to hear, you are wrong.

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Monday, September 15, 2014

True or False Office Max Call Center is "maybe" Leaving Peru

I did some research and in an article in Illinois Review dated April 21, 2014, I found this information.

"As we begin the planning for transition of work, there is a meeting being held in Ottawa next week to discuss the necessary resources to ensure a smooth transition of work,” Jen Pyszka, Office Max’s general manager in Peru, Illinois wrote.
"As we plan to transition work to our Strategic Partners for Order Entry, Direct, and Reliable, there is a need for experienced legacy OfficeMax advocates to travel to Chennai, India or Manila or Cebu Philippines to support training and floor support throughout the transition.
Pyszka said she had been asked to get volunteers to commit to no less than “ so-week to three-week increments” from June through September.
After its merger, Office Max plans to keep stores open in the United States, but plans to close Office Depot store duplicates.
Employees are being told that the new company’s technology department is relocating to Texas, but the Office Max officials have confirmed those plans yet.
Billing and AP services will be sent overseas, a move that makes one Office Max employee that received the overseas training invite to be nervous."

Note that training overseas was done from June through September and that would coincide with my information that they will be closing in October. Perhaps someone will clarify this information and tell me this is wrong and the call center here will remain open.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Streator school will receive nothing from benefit - The Times: Local

Streator school will receive nothing from benefit - The Times: Local

The jobs done by the volunteers look like they were hired help who worked for free. Now that we know what volunteers really do for the "charity" event, Peru should without a doubt end this "nonsense" and perhaps along with Ms Noonan give a public  apology because without the aid of our city this could not have taken place. since it required our Police, our Fire Dept, and our Public Works Dept. And yes even the aldermen parking cars at below minimum wage at our Municipal Airport.

We the residents of Peru are not proud of what you "our city government" have done once again. That is my Public Comment, what is yours?

Monday, September 08, 2014

It Seems The Things Don't Change They Remain the Same in Peru

The FBI investigation indicated that the payroll overpayment action by Mayor Harl was wrong and he should not have done it, they will not press criminal charges.  To this action the Mayor responded at the Council Meeting that he and his attorney are considering filing charges of slander and defamation of character....no names mentioned. Evidently he repeated this twice.

The council is now considering rewriting the public comment ordinance and Alderman Waldorf reminds us that "no questions allowed".

I understand that the council meetings are beginning to look more and more like a circus and perhaps they are doing this for the few remaining hardy souls who dare to enter their chambers in hopes of discouraging them also.

I was not in attendance.

I will add more as I acquire more information.

Letters to the editor: Concerts for a Cause comes up short and school gets nothing? - LaSalle News Tribune - LaSalle, IL

Letters to the editor: Concerts for a Cause comes up short and school gets nothing? - LaSalle News Tribune - LaSalle, IL

Letter to Streator Schools....

Saturday, September 06, 2014

BBQ rib cookoff kicks off blues festival in La Salle - LaSalle News Tribune - LaSalle, IL

BBQ rib cookoff kicks off blues festival in La Salle - LaSalle News Tribune - LaSalle, IL

Tonight will be the Jazz on First and it is  one casual but classy event held in the IL Valley, may not be in Peru but it is enjoyed by many Peruvians, I have seen them there.

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Finance Committee Turned Down Request For Ad in LP Yearbook

Can someone please tell me what an ad in the yearbook consists of? In my mind it must be something like City of Peru Congratulates LP students for a great year. Do our aldermen have any clue as to how many parents, grandparents, relatives and businesses look thru the yearbook.?  In fact yearbooks become collectable items through the years. The only question the committee chair asked is "Have we donated to this before?".  If the answer is NO, the request is tossed.

I want to tell the aldermen that the people pictured in that book also spend money and lots of it because many live in Peru and the rest live in communities that shop and spend money in Peru.

I believe the ad is something all local cities should spend the money on because the school is educating our children.  If you know what cities buy an ad, we on the blog would be interested in hearing about it.

Ald. Perez asked about a donation to the LP band and NO was the answer. It was also said by someone that they thought LaSalle did donate.

But then they turned around and made a $500 donation to Illinois Valley Super Bowl for the 17th Annual Illinois Valley Professional Bowlers Tournament September 6th through 7 because they spend money in our city.

As I left the City Hall, lots of young people were bringing in boxes of candy to the Community Room as they get ready to work and sell candy for the Band.  The kids take the time to do this regardless of the weather and the time away from their fun stuff. Rather Ironic isn't it.

If you would like to encourage the aldermen to turn their decision around and yes donate some money for an ad in the yearbook and look like a city that supports your schools.

Think about what just happened a few weeks ago when the city eagerly spent dollars to support a private business venture at the airport and the aldermen and clerk willingly donated their time to park cars and not enough money was generated to even give the "requested charity" any dollars.
How much money did we spend on Central States? Was it all because you thought the travelers were spending dollars in your city? Maybe they did and maybe they didn't.

Present at this mtg was Ald. Potthoff, Ferrari, Radtke, Sapienza, Mueller, Lukosus, Perez, Mayor Harl, Dave Bartley, Doug Bernabei, Eric Carls (engineer).and Bob Vickery. The committee then went into closed session after the meeting.

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Ordinance 5096 Seeking Director of Public Utilities and Establishing ASM and PSM

Dated May 5, 2014.

ASM = Administrative Services Manager
PSM= Public Services Manager

It now appears that those 2 positions have become the more important than the Mayor and City Council unless things change and they become more involved in the what is taking place in Peru. This has nothing to do with right or wrong but it is just the way this ordinance is written.

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Everyday There is Something that Needs Fixing in the City

I am sure half of the city is buzzing about the recent firing of an employee at city hall and the way that it happened. And just as much as that the positions that developed out of thin way while we were supposedly searching for a Superintendent of Public Works and it looks like they are going to remain. Qualified people are out there and are looking for jobs and why can't we find them?

Another something to think about. On August 16 the city assisted Ms Noonan to have a hard rock concert at the airport and we utilized public works, police and fire in this effort. I guess the effort was so we could help support a charity of her choosing which this year was Streator Centennial Elementary Public School. Now if you remember last year the Peru Little League supplied numerous volunteers so they could be the recipient of some "charity" and the concert fell short and they got proceeds from one night of pizza sales.
Now you would think it would not happen again, right? But it did and the last concert for the Streator school, produced no money for the school even though once again the same support from the school and the city was present. I privately received info that the school got no money and I was able verify that this indeed has occurred, in spite of a huge volunteer effort.

It is time for this to stop and for the city never to again assist this private enterprise from using the airport for any type of concert.  Enough is enough.

Monday, September 01, 2014

Decision Time Coming in Peru

I was told today, that petitions can now be circulated for the aldermens seats, one in each ward. Those up for re election will be Potthoff, Waldorf, Perez and Mueller.

Also need someone to step up and handle the petition for the possiblilty of hiring a City Manger.  The red alert is now on for the city of Peru from what I am seeing and hearing and know about the happenings in City Hall.

Many of us are more than willing to go out with the petitions but everything needs a leader and city hall is certainly showing us what happens when there is no responsible leadership.

Peru City Aldermen Committee Members

Potthoff and Radke serve on Accounts and Finance.

Waldorf and Lukosus serve on Public Works.. Electric, water streets.

Ferrari and Sapienza serve on Public Health and Safety ( police, fire, esda, ambulance.

Perez and Mueller serve on Public property.. Covers buildings grounds and Recreation.